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Saturday, August 20, 2005


On another day, during another season, I arose this particular morning feeling old and like I had just woke up - desperately hoping that this was not the high point of my day. It usually takes me about an hour, a bowl of cereal and a cup of hot tea before I get to be my jovial, bouncing off the walls, self.

The hot tea is not just any type, but my favorite brand at this particular time - English Breakfast Tea by Twinings (of London). This is "A blend of Ceylon, Kenyan and Indian teas, producing a full-bodied brew", or so says the box - I just drink it because I like the taste.

Other varieties and brands are on hand for later in the day (Bigelow's green tea, Twinings Irish Breakfast tea, Bigelow's Raspberry Royale, some plain old Bi-Lo tea and some herb teas), they make me feel almost British - - OK - maybe southern England – y’all.

The bowl of cereal is not just any bowl or just any cereal, but an especially constructed, custom blended, culinary delight to arouse the sleeping taste buds of any cereal aficionado.

The bowl of preference is the one quart one by Corelle that would normally hold enough butterbeans or fried okra to feed an entire family. Second choice would be the 1.5 litre bowl by Tupperware. As you can see, this is very serious business to me.

The construction begins with a whole banana placed in the bottom of the bowl (peeled, of course), then thoroughly mashed with a small salad fork. On this base is poured a layer of Rice Krispies, next is a layer of a crunchy type (Product 19, SmartStart, etc.), then finished off with a layer of Cherrios.

The Rice Krispies are on the bottom as a liquid depth indicator, when the proper depth of liquid is poured in, the Rice Krispies push up the other cereal around the edges of the bowl, letting me know when to stop pouring - hence not being liquidly wasteful.

The crunchy layer is for texture and the Cherrios are on top because if they don't get wet, they are less damaging to the gums.

Since I have allergy problems with milk, the liquid involved is some type of juice. The present one is Libby's Juicy Juice, in the "kiwi strawberry" flavor. The wonder of soymilk was discovered later.

Somewhere during this breaking the fast and waking up period, a smile starts to play around the corners of my mouth and a chuckle builds inside that I can't get rid of all day, even with much expression of it.

No wake up time is complete without God and He's woven completely through the fabric of my day's beginning, as He is through the whole day. The joy of the Lord is the foundation my hilarity is built on and it sustains me all day. ec


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