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Saturday, August 27, 2005


When writing in the late hours, one must be cautious of the name of that particular space in time. This is because if you were writing about tomorrow, it would suddenly become today at the stroke of midnight. If referring to yesterday it would all at once become nothing, because there's no word for the day before yesterday - at least none I know.

Here's a thought - the day before yesterday could become yesterday plus one and plus two and so on. It couldn't be minus one or minus two because in math like signs are added and yesterday minus two would have to be tomorrow, since the normal yesterday is sinking into the past - or it could be the other way around.

We need to name these past days because if you write about yesterday on tomorrow then it would make perfect sense because it would then have a name.

One advantage of going to bed after midnight is that if you slept all that day until that tomorrow became today, you would have at least enjoyed a little of yesterday's today before going to bed.

Not living in today has dangers because if we're constantly looking back at the past or gazing into the future, we might collide with the present in ways unpleasant to ourselves and others - bending the fenders of our peace of mind and putting a hole in the radiator of joy - automotively speaking.

Since yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised to us, let's live today with all the joy God intended for us to have in it. The Word speaks of joy that's both inexpressible and glorious, since a little joy goes a long way, if we had a whole truckload, we could share with everybody we happened upon.

If we totally live for God today, we might even make it until tomorrow and then forever with Him. ec


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