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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Standing high atop my point of view looking out across the valleys of my hazy thoughts, waiting for a brilliant flash to burn the mist away, I take writing instrumentation to hand and set my cogitation about waiting into words.

Most of us do not like to wait for anything and I'm almost no exception to that. Garden weeding has been waited on for a while so they could reach just the right size for me to enjoy the pulling thereof - and the casting forth into outer deadness.

The throwing out of leftovers must be delayed until the fuzzy stuff grows on them. Mowing the lawn has been put off until it reaches the right height (6") - needless to say my spouse's ideal grass height is much less than mine. Tarrying for the right time to tell someone they need a better deodorant is difficult. Waiting for our children to be born was no fun for me - less for Carolyn.

I have waited - long ago - in heart pounding suspense to see if I passed one particular subject in high school - the failing of which would have kept me from graduating. That subject was history and the strange thing is I am fascinated by that topic today - history changes people - makes them older too.

Waiting can be a difficult and very heavy situation - the weight of the wait has a way of weighing you way down. Speaking of weights - these can be used to build our physical muscles, and they will if used properly and regularly. Before building though they will tear the muscles down and make you very sore, you have to wait for the weights to take effect in their own way.

Waits will also build our mental faculties and emotional strength, dependent on our reaction to them - they will make us stronger or drive us nuts! I read somewhere - "they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength" - this concerning the spiritual part of us. It would appear then that it's possible to be made stronger in the whole person by using weights and waits, but then it's sort of one of those weighty matters. ec


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