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Monday, September 05, 2005


A perfectly good word not in everyday use anymore is tepid - mostly replaced by the more accepted lukewarm. More than my concern about the non-usage of a word is the overriding question - who was this Luke that they named this barely warm temperature after?

Since and whereas this word is mentioned in the Bible, one would be tempted to believe it was a very old word - except for the fact that the scripture wasn't originally written in English. It must have been in common usage several hundred years ago when King James authorized a translation of the Word.

When I traced down the origin of lukewarm, the explanation lacked real excitement, adventure or pizzazz (interesting word), so I decided to set in writing the origin of lukewarm as I wanted it to be. A certain unnamed lord in charge of creating dictionaries in old England had an indolent servant named Luke that was very dilatory with his duties. One of his appointed jobs was to heat the water for his lord's bath and it was never warm enough . . . well, anyway, you get the idea.

Another almost never used word is torpid (sluggish - lacking in energy), it has been replaced with other words or phrases such as: sluggish - or - lacking in energy. Some of the guys I have worked with could be poster children for that word, at least till quitting time and then they change to another word entirely.

Another word and/or concept not used nearly enough is forgiveness - this is a powerful action desperately needed between the members of humankind - and even more we need the forgiveness of a loving God. Of course this type forgiveness has been made readily available to us by Jesus.

What a concept - - to feel forgiven!! Amazing to me is why so many choose to continue living in their rat hole of guilt when the sunshine of spiritual freedom is so freely obtainable. ec


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