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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


A conclusion is a much more determinate thing to arrive at than a continuation - the former showing a point of arrivation with the latter denoting continued wandering. There is the possibility of temporary or continuing conclusions and maybe some among us that never reach a conclusion until they die.

Etymology being what it is (the study and history of words and language), this causes me to seize upon another conclusion -- that I am an accidental etymologist as opposed to the more serious "on purpose" person of etymological pursuits.

The difference being that I study words only when I collide with them, from this comes the accidental portion of my assumed title. Colliding with a word in the mental sense is not nearly so serious or physically damaging as a crash involving your mode of transportation (with you in or on it) and another moving or stationary object.

Even so, a crushing encounter with a word or words of unknown or uncertain meaning can leave a dent in your brain -- to only be repaired by a lengthy visit to Webster's paint and body. This brain dent also has the effect of scattering thoughts that happen to be nearby in that section of word storage and this can bring about major confusion.

The up side could be the dislodging of stubborn thoughts that probably shouldn't have been in that area to begin with, but then you have the down time of thought sorting. In the separation and restoring process, thoughts can be found of unknown, random origin that can be very difficult to catalog or even categorize. Since I hate to throw anything away, these are tucked away in the corners of my mind for later possible use.

But then I'm not totally convinced that there are corners in the mind -- with so many running in circles, it would tend to make one believe it's round. This being the case, the only place of storage is right in the main passageway, resulting in trippage when running in circles and then more scattered thoughts.

Back to conclusions -- there are those that would jump to conclusions, this without physical movement, and any pain is usually the mental or emotional kind. This could be compared to jumping to contusions, in which there is actual body movement and several degrees of pain a possibility.

Given the circumstances, the only logical conclusion I can come to is that I need to plant some hibiscus. ec


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