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Monday, September 12, 2005

hash browns

The Waffle House menu states that this particular item can come to you "scattered, smothered, covered and chunked, topped, diced and peppered" which is not bad for a potato product. The down side would be the extra poundage our feet would have to carry around.

While this preparation method works well for hash browns, our everyday lives sometimes could be described like that line on the menu.

Our thoughts can be scattered, we are smothered by stress, our existence is covered with unrealistic expectations and chunked by too many things to do in too little time, topped by a lack of necessary cash, diced by relationship demands and peppered by moral dilemmas.

In the Waffle House, if you don't want that cluttered line on the menu, you simply don't order it, but in life these things sometimes come to us whether we want them or not.

Scrambled conditions are bad enough when they are in the physical, mental or emotional areas of life, but all too many of us are living the "all the way hash browns" spiritual life. Now I'm not wonderfully perspicacious, but I do have sense enough to know that living an ersatz life of spiritual squalor and lugubriousness is not the way to go. (Ain't Webster's wonderful?!)

With any problem or series of problems, it's better to solve the problem(s) than to get all bothered and confounded with the symptoms. Humankind's number one first priority problem is, and always has been, the lack of a real down to earth, up to heaven, everyday, up close and personal kind of relationship with an all powerful God that loves us -- warts and all.

When we make our relationship with God number one priority in life, the rest of the problems we have will be solved in conjunction with, and because of, that priority choice. I realize some things take a little time to work out, but that's probably what we have the most of, at least till we die. But if we die with Christ in residence, we don't have any more problems anyway. ec


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