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Sunday, October 02, 2005

tranquility - 2

Day three of our tranquility trip began for me just short of 7:30am, when I prepared a cup of hot tea and caught up on writing in my journal. Gratitude was present within for the fact that God’s Spirit will speak to my soul if I choose to quieten the inner and outer noises enough to allow myself to hear - and I did so. Read some in my Bible and consumed a couple of the comfort food items that I would probably have been better off without.

The others arose and I put on some grits for breakfast. While the ladies were preparing themselves to face another day, my good friend and I went out for a walk in the condo complex. The area was quite large, looking almost like a small city, with the most of the larger condos being of the six-story or larger type.

We came back in for our breakfast, which included several other items - prepared by the ladies - that went well with the aforementioned grits. Then we cleaned up a bit and went out on our third floor balcony to view our immediate vicinity and to discuss the problems and/or idiosyncrasies of the entire world – at least that of our knowledge. We pretty much solved all the problems discussed but will not pass these solutions along because most everyone had rather work out these things the hard way – their own.

We came back inside for sandwiches for lunch and then played the game Rack-O for a while. Afterward we watched another comedy DVD, the laughter thereof was vigorous, even to the medicinal level, doing us all good. After hotdogs for supper, we viewed another DVD of the comic variety. Exhausted by our rigorous schedule and hilarity of the day, we all retired for the evening.

Achieving the minimum amount of lucidity necessary to arise - around 8am the next morning - I did so to start day four of our trip of tranquility. Began this period with hot tea, snacks and my Bible, then did a little writing. My friend arose and he and I went down to a nearby area to retrieve some furnished continental breakfast items. Items supplied were all in the pastry family and not much to either of our liking. All this aside, they were brought back and consumed because that was what we had planned for the breaking of the fast - or to be more concise - breakfast.

After we started the main ingredient of the noon meal cooking, my friend and I set out on a much longer exploration trip around the other end of the complex. We checked out the main office and other facilities available, then walked on to another of the lakes on the property. This watered area had paddle-boats available for the guests, of the which we were two. We acquired one of these vehicles and amused ourselves by paddling around the entire lake while we discussed the vegetation and wildlife found thereabouts. Although this lake wasn’t quite as large as Lake Michigan, our legs were somewhat exercised when we finished.

In our return walk, we hiked across an area of the property slated for future development. This ground was mostly populated by sparse grass, weeds, small rodents, – made evident by all the small holes and tiny footprints – and many uncared for orange trees, left over from the previous usage of the land. The fruit looked pretty scrawny, but the later consumption thereof proved it to be very sweet. We then made our way back to the developed area and to our home away from home. To be cont’d. ec


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