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Saturday, October 01, 2005

tranquility - 1

On another day, in another season and during another year, day one of our trip that I am simply calling “tranquility” began with rising about 7am. I partook of my usual fare of cereal, hot tea and scripture – this feeding the body and soul. Then I set about with vigor to finish the packing of cases and then the vehicle. My favorite wife and I departed our residence, and after an errand or two, arrived at the home of our very good friends to travel with them – and be their guests – at a condo in the area of Kissimmee Fl.

Not only were these folks good friends of both of us, they are good friends to each other and as a bonus they are also married, the one to the other. Their union has been of even longer duration than our fairly lengthy and very happy one.

We loaded our stuff in their van just ahead of a shower, with the finishing touches a bit on the damp side. Then we were off, traveling in rain most of the trip that varied in intensity from a squall to a downpour. The squall mentioned here was not the definition of the word that involved loud tearful cries, but only the sudden wind with rain. The rain didn’t start to slacken very much until we reached Fl.

Later, we were lulled into believing the rain had mostly quit, so we got out in Jacksonville at the Steak and Shake. Then just as we were paying our tab, it began again in earnest, wetting the physical but not the tranquility deeply embedded in our psyche. This placed there by the love of God and aided by the knowledge that we had a whole week of relaxation ahead of us.

The wetness was in still in evidence when we reached the condo office to check in and we were shown to our unit in the rain. Once inside, we decided to wait for a slack in the weather to unload the luggage - that was when the monsoon hit.

The rain, wind and lightning was so hard that in my mind’s eye I could see the ducks searching for cover and maybe even a few frogs getting strangled by the liquid.

We were to the point of believing we were going to have to wait till morning to retrieve our belongings from the van, when we finally got enough semi-dryness in which to unload. We snagged a couple of luggage carts and in record time we placed the contents of the van in the well-furnished place of residence.

We all gathered on the couch in front of the big-screened TV, whereupon I promptly dozed off – I am such a live wire. After about the third such dozing event, my wife finally convinced me – through my sleepy haze – to stumble off to bed.

Next morning, day two of tranquility, I was up a bit before the others, had hot tea, snacks and spent some time in God’s Word, the which I find necessary to maintain my spiritual equilibrium. Then I did a bit of crossword puzzle work and some mental sauntering through my Webster’s.

We had brought enough snacks to make do for breakfast and about the crack of noon we all decided to go out and about to gather and stow enough sustenance for some meals at the condo during the week. We stopped at Logan’s Road House for lunch and wouldn’t you know that a Dunkin Donuts was right next door. We took several of these calorie-laden tidbits with us, even though I’m allergic to them – I break out in fat!

A Publix was just behind the two aforementioned businesses and we loaded up a cart full of life sustaining and/or comfort foodstuff to take back with us. Back in our dwelling place, we unloaded and stored our food items. The hardest thing we did all day was to hook up the DVD/VCR player our hosts brought on the trip. The existing VCR quite naturally would not play DVD’s, and we had brought several of these for viewing.

We viewed a couple of these during the evening, and did a bit of grazing on our day’s food purchases. Tired at having relaxed so hard during the day, I finally went to bed.

To be cont’d . . . . ec


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