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Friday, October 07, 2005


Is it really possible to get less useful than useless? Even the adjectives more and most only serve to classify persons or things as to their amount of uselessness, plus the classification process takes away productive time and the classified beings or objects are still not in the useful category. In a multitude of the useless, could the least useless be considered useful?

Which would be the greater amount of effort – one’s utmost or their uttermost? My conclusion would come down on the side of uttermost simply because it has more letters and takes more effort to write. Are utterances strictly vocal or can they also be thought?

In a multitude of units in the word world, the word ugly is not a pretty thing. In an assemblage of the ugly, could a plain person be considered beautiful? Is the top of the ugly scale the most or least ugly? I will not linger on this ugly measurement thing, not wishing to hurt anyone’s feelings – especially my own.

Can anything be experienced to a greater degree than the ultimate? The words radical and extreme – language units brought to bear by TV producers – can’t quite reach the true meaning of the ultimate. It was just that this word was considered trite and now the replacement words have become bromidic as well. The only way to top the reality shows in existence now would be to bring back a reality version of the very old TV show – “You Bet Your Life” – then when you lost, you really lost.

How much out of the ordinary does something have to be to become unusual? Anything even slightly unusual would have to change the meaning of usual to something else. But maybe it could expand the meaning the other way and be unusually usual in it’s usualness.

There has to be room somewhere for a person or event to be usually unusual and then the unusual becomes usual, thus squeezing the usualityness out of the usual to the point of it becoming unusual. Then when the unusual usual and usual unusual butt heads, all sense of timing and schedule is lost and nothing is usual or unusual, simply taken and/or accepted at face value.

Speaking of that, many people do value their face whether it is usual or unusual, but many do not – on both sides of the equation. These non-valuers use plastic surgery to change it more to what they think they should be like. This cutting on one’s face seems unusual to me, but to those that usually use this unusual face alteration, it seems to be usual. Either way they make their usual face into something unusual.

I usually enjoy movies of a certain type and usually get annoyed at certain other types because I usually know exactly how they will turn out. This is especially usually true of those films that have some sort of religious reference. They usually establish some ridiculous system governing the actions of angels, demons and even God – premises coming from imaginations or human emotion, usually without the least bit of interest in the truth.

But God is not defined by the usual, but by always. I’m usually faithful in doing what I say I will – if circumstances permit, or if I don’t get too distracted or busy and forget – God is always faithful to do what His Word says He will.

I usually love others, especially family, friends and those at church – God always loves, even those unlovable ones that don’t even go to church.

I usually forgive if someone asks and the deed wasn’t too awful – God always forgives, even the most horrible or stupid things we have ever done – but we do have to ask Him.

I’m usually unusually joyful when in God’s presence, which is usually anytime and anywhere, because of Jesus. ec


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