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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

tranquility - 5

Day seven of our tranquility trip began somewhat later than usual due to the late domino playing and the hooting and hollering till the early morning hours. It began in the somewhat usual manner of snacks to sustain until the others arose, hot tea, Bible and a crossword puzzle. We finally got around to breakfasting about 11:30, then cleaned up a bit and headed out to take the ladies shopping.

First stop was the Corningware outlet we had shopped in before, one of the reasons being that Carolyn had lost one of her earrings and thought it to be in that location. Wonder of wonders, they had found it and Carolyn reclaimed it with medium to large joy. Next stop was to return a previously purchased item found to be defective. Then on to our main objective - a large outlet mall - that turned out to be the same one our church’s young people stopped in when we went to Universal Studios in 2001.

The ladies went one way and the gents another, though we remained connected electronically by cell phone. My friend and I wandered around somewhat bored, almost exceedingly so. Our boredom was slightly relieved by a visit to the fudge place and the viewing of a young man constructing fudge and making an effort to entertain as he did so. The jokes were mostly old and somewhat vaudevillian in nature, but the routine was energetic enough to be nearly amusing. It was wasted on me though, since I was not induced to buy any fudge.

Bored and/or tired of walking around, my friend and I went to the centrally located food court and waited for our feminine companions to tire. As in any other time space in which we meet, my amigo and I entered into massive amounts of rhetoric, mostly for our mutual regalement. In addition to solving many problems of our knowledge, we fabricated a few more and solved these as well.

Our mates finally tired of being without us and rejoined our company. My favorite spouse had purchased some items of her own choosing, and then together we hunted down and captured some more for the “grands”. Even in her weakened condition, she can outlast me in those places, this having more to do with lack of interest as opposed to physical condition. We wound up our outing and traversed back to the condo.

For our supper we consumed a variety of items left over from our week’s stay, somewhat regretful that this was the last day thereof. We then set about packing and getting stuff ready for our return home the next day.

You will notice that in spite of our close proximity to a place that has large characterizations of fictitious beings with the first names of Mickey, Minnie and Donald, I wrote nothing of visiting this place – that’s because we didn’t. Just thinking of them raises a question in my mind – why do these characters have a last name and Goofy does not? One might say that Pluto doesn’t either, but Pluto doesn’t wear clothes and it would seem to me that any clothes wearing entity should have a last name. The only answer I can come up with is that it’s a seniority thing because he came on the scene a little later. I wonder if he feels slighted - - - To be cont’d ec


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