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Sunday, October 23, 2005


What is zeal, and how does one go about getting some? Now I do a bit of grocery shopping and I have never seen any for sale, by the pound or by the package. All through Bi-Lo, Kroger, Winn Dixie and even Publix there was none to be found. This was true all through the store, including the produce department, checking there because I desired my zeal to be as fresh as possible, but still nothing.

The dictionary says it is “eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something”. Considering this definition, I posed the question to myself – is anyone zealous anymore? Believe me, I did not like the answer I got and was almost surprised, which might be a little curious, considering the source, which, of course, was me. (All those comas really gave me pause(?), or maybe paws, considering my typing.)

My answer was that I had seen zealousness at work in the world, but mostly for reaching goals of oneself or those of a self-serving despot leader. History and current events are filled with writings about those who were – or currently are – caught up in mass movements to “improve the world” by carrying out the dictates of controlling leaders. The problem with these kinds of movements is that someone, or multitudinous someones, usually wind up at room temperature.

These facts aside - as well as under consideration - is the proper kind of zeal still available today? – and where does one find it? There is one brand available somewhere in the Middle East, but by the results of it, one can easily tell that this kind of zeal is nowhere near the proper type. I say this because the good stuff changes one’s life forever – for the better - and the lives of anyone they happen to come in contact with.

Thinking on the meaning of the word, I pondered on how zeal differed from enthusiasm or excitement – but I did that without a lot of either – much the way I have approached writing of late. In a somewhat cynical way, the scenario I see is that of a flag hanging outdoors – the wind that comes along occasionally is the excitement and the resultant waving is the enthusiasm – which ends shortly after the wind dies down.

I view the proper kind of zeal more as an internal burning, like that of wood or coal or even more, like that of coke – a combustible material made from coal that burns hot enough to smelt iron and steel. That kind of fire will cause changes in the lives of those in which it is ignited and even the Word says “It is fine to be zealous, provided the purpose is good. . . (Gal 4:18).

The zeal of the zealous should be considered right and good if the right things result from their actions. If love, joy, peace and the other fruit do not follow behind us, we might be just a flag, waving in the breeze.

Where then can I find a supply of zeal – maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong places – I wonder if Lowe’s or Home Depot might have that? ec


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