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Thursday, October 20, 2005

wow too

Wow is an expression of amazement, but also a place or condition of being. Wow would be a difficult place to live, but it would hurt very few of us if we would visit this area of astonishment a little more often.

Although the growing season is mostly over for this year, the planting of a vegetable garden is something I've done every spring except one since the early 70s. Some would say that this kind of endeavor is not worth the work because you don't get enough out of it to pay for the time, fertilizer and seed/plant costs. These naysayers might be somewhat correct if that was the only reason I planted one.

My reasons? Number one - I enjoy being wowed by the natural laws God set forth and that continue on a constant basis. This year's garden actually started during last winter when I piled organic matter - leaves, straw, tree bark and even some rotted wood - within the borders of its rows.

This material broke down even more over the cold season and I tilled it under to nourish the new growth coming in spring. This brings to mind whether or not the spiritual legacy we leave behind will cause or nourish any new spiritual growth when we are "tilled under".

You might say my garden was planted in faith - it would have been stupid to plant something if I didn't expect it to come up and produce something - there is a spiritual lesson in there as well. About a week later, cracks start to appear in the soil as the germinated seed pushes a sprout upwards to reach the sunshine - that's at least a wow and a half.

This growth process cracks me up too in an odd sort of way, amazement cracks the mold of a normal, ordinary day and can make it into a space of time very meaningful indeed. It can also crack our know-it-all-ness and make us more dependent on God.

Gardening is a hobby of mine and I have gained a bit of experience over the years, but I can only take a minimum amount of credit. This is because it's the plants that produce the veggies, I just try to create acceptable conditions for the plants to do what God made them to do and just stand back and say "WOW".

Of course reason number two is that I enjoy picking and eating fresh veggies. ec


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