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Friday, October 28, 2005


“If a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump its backside when it jumped”. This is an old saying that certainly forms some questions in my mind. If the aforementioned amphibian did have wings, wouldn’t that negate the necessity of jumping at all – unless it had to have this sudden acceleration to get airborne? Then once it was airborne, it would still have to come back down to earth at some point and the rear end bumping thing would come into play again.

If this ex-tadpole did become winged, it would have to sacrifice two limbs to become so, and since it would be more reasonable for the front ones to be used, it would then have to be concerned about bumping its nose upon landing. Then there is the question of what to call this creature of flight. Maybe it could be a frird or if big enough it could be a freagle. There is the case for not messing with the poor frog at all, since it seems to be padded well enough to take the bump, then there would be several less things for us (me in particular) to be concerned with.

“If I had known then what I know now, I would have done things differently”. Of course, I still would have messed up, just with different people and probably on a much grander scale with more turmoil and heartache involved. This because the smaller messes that I did trip over saved me from the much larger messes that were lurking around the corner of opportunism. One could almost hear them lurking – with a faint “lurk, lurk, lurk” in the background of the sound of silence, the sound that we all may need to hear more of.

“If only there were more hours in the day”. The question of “where would we get the extra hours” had barely formed when the answer came to me. The international date line runs from north pole to south pole approximately 180 degrees around the globe of the earth from the prime meridian that runs north to south through Greenwich, England. The reason I know this is that I looked it up for my granddaughter’s homework the other day. Anyway, this date line is somewhat west of Hawaii and on one side of it is one date and the next date just across the line. If then we could capture these days from individuals as they cross that point, they could be redistributed among those that need them the most.

If this was done, I think the time should be encapsulated in recycled plastic and warehoused at central locations across the country to be available to all equally as needed. The problems would start when some would want more days than others and I’m not sure whether the days could be broken down to hours or not. Maybe the government could handle the days and sub-contractors could break down the hours. Of course there would have to be a time tax imposed and then extra fees for the sub-contractor’s hours. Then there would be the problem of the black market, selling time stolen from those that didn’t even cross the date line.

If the hours could be broken down to minutes, we could store a few in the car so as not to be late for church on Sundays. Maybe some of the aforementioned problems are the reasons this extra time is not available, especially the extra tax part. Also there would be problems in relationships, with one spouse on one day and the other on another, and maybe on another page of life as well. This seems to happen enough as it is, with one in a particular time and emotion and the other moved on to another place of time, thought and even person. Breaking apart time or relationships is something to be avoided at all costs, even to the expense of spending precious unbroken time on these relationships.

“If only I could find peace in this troubled world”. This is the easiest of all because the arrangements have already been made for this to be in the heart and life of everyone. But just like any gift, it has to be accepted by the receiver to be of any good to them. Jesus made the arrangements for you to have peace, and made it available for all that would accept it. Hey - today would be a good time!!!!! ec


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