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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Last year it was a fantasy, this year it’s a dream and even a reachable goal. From where I’m sitting it doesn’t seem possible to attain, yet if one has no goals they are never reached. But I’m in this for the long haul and am endeavoring to persevere in a worthy purpose and intention. However hard it might be and whatever lengths I have to go will be worth the effort. You might be thinking, “OK, what dumb thing has he come up with now?” to the which I would say that this is much different from the other inane pursuits to which I have applied myself.

My sights are set on having no more brambles in my yard and garden. Brambles are defined as being in the rose family and farther defined as any rough prickly shrub. They certainly live up to their billing and it’s necessary to wear gloves in any kind of “up close and personal” dealings with them. I would describe these as either wild blackberries or dewberries and wouldn’t mind getting some berries from them except for the fact that they insist on growing in places where I don’t want them. As I may have mentioned in the past, they choose my veggie garden and around the blueberries as their favorite growing places.

I do not care for chemical sprays, so the option I chose is to hack the encroaching, offensive plant growths out by the roots. They are the brambles, but they are also the bramblers of my garden, which would make me the bramblee. Since I do not like things forced upon me, I have decided to become the “Debrambleer”. One for all and all for one, but being just one does simplify things - because if I were more than one, I might wind up beside myself. Plus multiple personalities would cause more than one option to be offered with which to do away with the brambles.

Although my yard is brambly and quite possibly bramblier than most, I’m not sure it’s the brambliest place around. But the amount of infestation isn’t my main concern, since I’m determined to become the least brambly plot of land in the area. Somehow I think the brambles must have known about my shoulder disabilities of the past and took advantage of the situation.

Being the “Debrambleer”, I decided to come up with a slogan for my de-brambling work. My first catchy phrase was “Bramble-free in 2003”, but right off I noticed a problem with that and had to start all over. The next best “Brambles no more in 2004”, but the year just wasn’t right. So it became, “No brambles alive in 2005”, not nearly so chic, but the main idea is there.

Has the work actually commenced? Yes, and many brambles bit the air with many more to come – I have absolutely no mercy on them, they should have known not to grow there. This flurry of action has brought about a near rebellion of my ancient muscles, but they were placated by promises of frequent rest periods.

This aforementioned goal is not the only one for this year, my main one is to be as much like Jesus as possible. That’s a tough one, but He’s right there to help me – if I will allow Him. ec


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