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Monday, December 19, 2005


At this writing something has come between my computer and me – or at least between my keyboard and monitor. The major problem is that I don't know what to call it. It could be called a health food but it has elements of a dessert as well. This one is very similar to the one previously mentioned in another missive and called a “proper dessert”, but even that is not an appropriate name.

It all started with an eight inch flat salad bowl, progressed to having enough blueberries added to be at least three deep across the bottom and then several scoops or dollops - whichever is more - of Edy's grand ice cream, in their vanilla, all-natural flavor are added on top. On this was placed about a half cupful of all-natural walnut pieces and then all-natural honey was either poured or drizzled - whichever is less fattening - all over the top of the whole schmear.

My efforts at describing this dish has made me hungry and I have consumed about half of the whole thing that is yet unnamed. Besides the main problem of not having a name for the dish, I wonder what effect eating this thing - before it gets a name - will have on me emotionally. As you may or may not know, emotional balance should be achieved and maintained in all activities, even eating – especially the eating of desserts or semi-desserts. Naturally it would be hard for you to know these balance things since I just recently made them up.

This delicate balance is sometimes difficult to maintain, even when all-natural items are consumed and made harder still when artificial ingredients enter the mix. It would be possible to be consuming artificially colored and flavored cardboard and totally think it was delightful until the emotions woke up and smelled the red #40. Then the unbalance would commence and off the deep end the emotions would go.

In the midst of the confusion and rubbed raw emotions, another unanticipated problem arose - I ran low on ice cream before the other ingredients ran out and had to add more - this could take the rest of the day. Wow, I hope I'm not allergic to this stuff or I might break out in hives - from the honey. Also there is the very emotional question of whether artificially induced fat weighs the same as the all-natural type.

My final decision was to just eat the “thang” without a name and go wash away all traces of evidence from the dish – for my emotions sake. I've got a feeling that it might show up on me somewhere - our transgressions will always find us out. ec


Blogger madcapmum said...

That sounds awfully good. I think anything that's served on a salad plate is definitely health-food. Best luck naming it, Adam.

12/19/2005 09:59:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

madcapmum - It was definitely healthy but if one eats too much of even the healthy stuff, real live fat it the result. :) ec

12/19/2005 11:03:00 PM  
Blogger Bonita said...

I had something similar - vanilla yogurt with frozen blueberries which I put in the blender - like blueberry ice cream, and soooo cold. Now, that was after I ate some spicy East Indian food, which has left my mouth sizzling.

12/19/2005 11:43:00 PM  
Blogger MilkMaid said...


12/20/2005 03:26:00 AM  
Blogger mreddie said...

bonita - Your dessert was totally justified since you had to cool your burning tongue and throat. :)

milkmaid - It was all that and more! ec

12/20/2005 09:49:00 AM  

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