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Saturday, April 19, 2008

cruise 6

Thursday, April 10th, came into recordable history and I was up a bit before the Spice so she told me to just go on up to the restaurant and she would be along when she spiffed up a bit. I did so and got us a seat by the window in order to watch the passing waves and any other miracle that happened by. When my beloved arrived she told of her experience coming up to this 9th level eating-place.

It seems that a young lady got into the elevator ahead of her Mom and pushed every button before she could stop her. They were on level two and went down to one and 0 levels, then to almost every level all the way up. Evidently this was a first time adventure for her because every time the door would open the little girl would giggle, much to the chagrin of her Mom.

This was to be another day at sea in route to Nassau, Bahamas. When we finished eating we went to the shops on board to get some souvenirs for the grands – mostly t-shirts. The Spice went back to the cabin and I went to the Amber Palace for a debarkation talk. I was early for the talk and a bingo game had just started with the prize of $1,199.00, so I just waited around for the talk.

The game went on for quite a while and finally the guy seated next to me got bingo and both he and his wife leaped up yelling – I probably would have too. They checked his numbers on the computer they had on stage and then a lady came down with a fistful of cash and counted out $1,199.00 right there – they were all smiles to say the least.

Needless to say, the debarkation talk wasn’t nearly as exciting as that but a necessary thing because it told of the process of getting our bags off the ship when we got back to Florida. With this info safely stored in my mind – ha – I returned to the cabin and we both went topside, her to read and I to wander. There I noticed the walking track and decided I needed to walk since I had not all week.

Went down to don proper clothes for this and came back up and started out. The track was equal to 1/9 of a mile per lap and I set out to walk at least thirty minutes. One side of the track was OK but the other was a fight against about a 25-mile per hour wind and was a bit of a struggle. I managed to walk 2 miles plus one lap in the time I had allotted for this and it felt good – after I got through.

We had not had lunch and went to the restaurant to discover that the main serving lines had closed down in prep for the next meal. Fortunately the smaller specialty spots were open and we got a sub for our sustenance. The Spice finished reading her book and later we got ready for the evening meal.

This was the second formal night for dining; some of the guys wore suit and tie and some were much less formal shall we say. My preference again was slacks with a sport coat worn over a colored t-shirt. This was comfortable to me and more fit my tastes and personality.

After the meal we went in to check out the show for the evening and found it to be of the singing and dancing Las Vegas type and we departed shortly. We went back to the cabin and waited around to check out the special midnight buffet with the ice sculptures and such. It was a mob scene at first but the place cleared out quickly. We did get a few tidbits to munch but not too much to sleep on.

We went back to our cabin knowing that God is good, all the time. ec


Blogger ancient one said...

Still having fun and enjoying the trip. My husband would have been wanting to come home after the third day. He has said he never wanted to go on a cruise. Ha ha When we took week vacations in the past he was always wanting to go home on Wed. but the children and I would out vote him.

4/19/2008 11:56:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

ancient - Can't say that I didn't miss home but I don't let it mess up my vacation - never have. Even back when I was working I would turn it all off until I got back. :) ec

4/20/2008 12:41:00 AM  

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