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Sunday, April 20, 2008

cruise 7

When we awoke on Friday, April 11th, the ship was tied up in Nassau, Bahamas. We were up and about a little earlier than usual because we had booked a tour at 10:30am. We got a bite to eat and headed down to meet the folks that would take us on the tour. Outside the ship was a man holding up a sign for this event, as there were others holding up other signs for other adventures.

We followed our sign man down the long pier to the first street in town where we were divided among several mini-van taxis. As it turned out I rode in the front seat next to the driver. The tour was listed as an historic one and we were shown government office buildings and several old churches. We continued to the highest part of the island to an old fort – Fort Sincastle.

We were let out for a few minutes and I climbed to the top of the ramparts and got an excellent view of the town below and the harbor with four cruise ships moored – ours being one of them. I attempted to make a photo but I was unfamiliar with the camera and it didn’t cooperate. This was a rocky area and we viewed a long stairway that slaves had carved out of solid rock.

The flowers we saw in yards and growing wild were very beautiful. An amazing red flowered vine we saw was the Bougainvillaea and also viewed many eye catching Oleanders. The driver told me the national flower of the Bahamas was the Yellow Elder and we saw many examples of this one as well. He also told us that most of the people were Baptists and we saw a large Baptist church that was violet in color – seemed odd to me but must not have been to them.

There were also some ‘monuments’ to American businesses in the form of KFC, Wendy’s and McDonald’s along the roadside. We stopped at another old fort called Fort Charlotte and it too was out of rock, much of it carved. This whole area seems to be one large rock with a little dirt on top in places. This was a much larger facility and at one time housed a prison and torture rooms.

We were brought back to our point of departure and thought we would shop a bit but only made it to one store and it was so hot that we were ready to go back to the ship. They were having a drawing in the one place we stopped and we waited around perchance we might win a five carat sapphire – we didn’t but one of the couples in our church group did! They were glad and we were glad for them.

We made the long trek back and went to the buffet where we usually eat b’fast and lunch. We sat by the window facing out to the ocean and were amazed by the number of boats and yachts that were constantly in and out. On the other side of this main boat channel was a long slim peninsula that was occupied by a dozen or so VERY nice waterfront homes – one of which belonged to Nicholas Cage.

We stayed there and admired the scenery a while and then went topside to make some photos – after I was instructed how to do so by the Spice. We were going to stay up and view the ship’s departure but we were tired and hot and went down to the cabin. On the cabin TV there was one channel that was a live feed looking forward where the ship was going and I viewed the departure on that.

It was a good but tiring day and I was grateful for having viewed many items of God’s handiwork. ec


Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks for sharing the cruse, Mr. E.

4/20/2008 08:22:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

SSN - You are welcome, it was a great break from the home routine. ec

4/20/2008 11:23:00 PM  

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