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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

events' ma

Then it magically became Thanksgiving Day – even though technically it had arrived before I went to sleep. Many events are scheduled for the day and probably even events within events. For some reason I had trouble sleeping and my morning began way too slow for what I had planned. That was just what it was – but I broke the fast and partook of scripture to crank up various parts of myself.

My next event of the day was to make my “famous” banana pudding – this is made with no artificial or instant ingredients at all – strictly from “scratch”. Made for several years with artificial vanilla flavoring but even this is all changed now – it is only 100% vanilla extract – that’s what the container says. On our cabinet shelf is a bottle of artificial vanilla for lesser dishes but next to that is the 100% stuff for the banana pudding – the real deal.

The next event for me was to take the pudding and another dish out to my older brother’s place for their gathering at noon. I went solo to this since we were to have another gathering at our place at 5pm and the Spice was busy with the prep for that and OD and her clan went to be with FSIL’s family.

An event within an event happened on the way to my bro’s place. Just as I exited from the interstate in Georgia, I noticed two adult hawks circling and flying at each other. Beautiful birds but I wasn’t sure what they were doing. It seemed to me that they were either having a physical dispute over territory or doing some sort of aerial mating dance – not being a hawk, I wasn’t sure.

It was about 20 miles to his place and by the time I arrived most of the crowd were already in attendance. The final tally was 23 including both my bros and their spouses. The rest were mostly either nieces or nephews or great nieces and nephews with their spouses. Grace was said and the feasting began – along with much talking, sharing, catching up on each other and laughing, much laughing. All parts of the gathering were excellent, the kind of get together that lingers for a while after all appetites were sated. We do have some serious cut-ups in the group – I might even be one.

With great reluctance I parted their company shortly after 3pm to head back to the home front to help the Spice put the finishing touches on the evening meal prep – the next event of the day. In route back there were a couple more events, errands to run, the main one was to go by Wally World to pick up some items we happened to run out of during the cooking. It wasn’t crowded at all so I was in and out quickly and headed for home. Could it have been because it was Thanksgiving Day?

Even though it had been several hours since I had eaten, I still was not very hungry when our evening feast began. 27 were in attendance and 11 of these were 14 and under – and 8 of those were 5 and under – six were our gruntmonkeys, three were the niece’s and two belonged a cousin from Florida. You might say that joyous noise was a factor. Fortunately we have a large room in the basement for the enjoyment of the young ones and this kept most of the noise somewhat muffled.

After much eating and laughter, the adults ended the evening with a planning session with many sales papers scattered around. This was for a shopping trip the next day for Christmas gifts to be given to a needy family anonymously – something that we as an extended family have done for the last several years – instead of buying and exchanging gifts with each other.

The day ended with me thankful for family, extended families and the many blessings of God in particular and in general – I can’t imagine my life without faith in God. ec


Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

A blessed T'day you had, Mr. E.!!!

11/29/2007 08:06:00 PM  
Blogger itsboopchile said...

Hey, cookie, what kind of dish do you make your banana pudding in?
I have always used a low bowl but I tried a deep bowl, like a trifle, the last time, and I didn't care for it.
Paula Dean made it in a rectangle cake pan, and I wasn't crazy about that either.
My family loves my banana pudding. I now use instant pudding mix, and they still like it.
Betty G

11/30/2007 11:36:00 AM  
Blogger mreddie said...

SSN - Absolutely great day!!!

itsboopchile - My dish is a 2 1/2 qt. Corningware - it's oval and I guess it would be called a casserole dish. This size is just right for my recipe and that is the reason it was bought. I used to scorch my pudding some until I started cooking it in the microwave - now it turns out perfect every time. ec

12/01/2007 11:47:00 PM  

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