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Sunday, November 04, 2007

a first

The day was Friday and it was a really different sort of day. It started out with breakfast and scripture but nothing unusual there. Then I had a doc appointment, no big difference, especially of late since it seems to be a regular thing. Then I met a friend for lunch and even though that doesn’t happen a lot, it was nothing out of the ordinary. In the early afternoon was when the different thing happened.

This was something that had never happened to me before – I had to have a mammogram. After being called back, I was slightly amused at the young tech lady administering the procedure because she looked just a bit flummoxed; I’m guessing this was a first for her also. For those of you that have not had this experience, it is not nearly as much fun as some might lead you to believe, but I did live through it and that counts for something.

This was followed by an ultra-sound and after the tests were read I was told that this swelling on one side was probably due to medication I’m taking for other problems. I’m now on some OTC Advil for the swelling and am to check back with my doc in a month. Though it is rare, cancer in this area has happened in males also.

Then I got word from my best friend that his wife had taken a turn for the worse. She had been in ICU in a local hospital for multiple problems and had to be transferred to another hospital to have an emergency operation to relieve pressure on her brain. This was her only chance to survive and even with the surgery the family was given very little hope.

As soon as the Spice returned from taking her Mom to a doc appointment, we loaded up and headed to the hospital. We hung out with the family until the surgery was completed. We have known this family so long and have been so close that they feel like my own family. Mostly all they could tell them was that she would be heavily sedated for 48 hours and they would know more then.

We went home and crashed into bed and when we awoke, behold, a new day appeared. This happens almost every time I go to bed at night. The day began in the usual ways and then I made efforts at cleaning the workbench in the garage. After much effort, I was able to actually see the surface of this work area – this felt really odd. The Spice left to help out with our church’s ministry to the homeless and I started mowing the lawn.

I used the push mower to mow around the difficult areas and then tried to crank up the riding mower. The battery was too weak to start it so I had to finish this task with the walk behind equipment. When the Spice returned, I got cleaned up and we went to my grandnephew’s birthday party. He was four and they really did it up right with a cowboy theme. The kids (including three of my gruntmonkeys) had a great time and the adults just made sure they didn’t hurt themselves and made photos.

The Spice and I then went to get a bite to eat and went back to the hospital to check on our friend. We found conditions about the same and after staying a while we went on to another errand and then back home. By this time us old people were worn and weary. It has been difficult to get to any writing this past week but I know without a doubt that God is still good, all the time. ec


Blogger itsboopchile said...

Well, learned something new!!
"God is good all the time," we need to hang onto that truth and pray your friend comes through this better and lives for her family.
Betty G

11/05/2007 10:37:00 AM  
Blogger ancient one said...

hI knew this could happen in men! Glad you had it checked out. I can imagine the person doing the mammagram WAS nervous. I hope you don't mind, but I grinned just a bit to think that a "man" at least knows something about how that feels. I came back to the doctor right from the mammogram, and my skin was all red, and HE asked me "if it hurt"...I hope you remembered to remove the stickers...sorry I'm still grinning... I am so glad it was just the medicine giving you a problem. God Is Good!! I'm sorry your friends are having to deal with surgery. I hope that turns out well...

11/05/2007 05:29:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

itsboopchile - This was very new to me as well. So far my friend is doing fair but still in ICU.

ancient one - I smiled a bit myself at the personnel involved in the tests, I think this is a rare thing for them. Hopefully the doc's conclusion that my medicine is causing this is accurate, will know at my next check-up in a month. ec

11/05/2007 11:42:00 PM  

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