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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

TX 0110-2

Still relating past history of our TX trip. Saturday, Jan. 2nd, came as another work day for FSIL since he is in the accounting area of his firm and the end of year/beginning of year stuff had to be done. After b’fast OD and I went for a walk using interval training methods – i.e. – rotating normal walking with as fast as possible – in intervals of course. It was invigorating even if I did have a hitch in my gitalong.

The ladies went shopping for most of the afternoon with GM5 and I holding down the home front. Interaction was involved, as was college football and snacking – the young lad was not as much into football as I but he definitely enjoyed the snacking. In fact the snacking is the secondary reason I do the walking. If I snacked without the walking then I would not be able to get through the door to do the walking.

Sunday, Jan. 3rd, arrived and was only lighted by indirect sunlight due to the overcast skies and that lasted the whole day. FSIL left for a busines trip to his company’s headquarters this AM and we will be keeping OD and clan company for the next week plus. I didn’t leave the house except to go on a two mile walk with OD – was able to walk despite the hitch still being in my gitalong.

The evening meal was great, OD being the good cook that she is, but as usual there was something missing at the end of the meal. I knew this would be the case so I had made a banana pudding to fill in the missing part. Is there anything that can fill even the slightest void in the stomach like an old-fashioned, made from scratch, warm banana pudding? My stomach and I both smiled during the filling of the void.

Got a hitch in your spiritual gitalong? Could it be that you are focusing more on your faults and failures or even on what a rotten sinner you were in the past? Follow through with God’s forgiveness through Christ and forgive yourself. Only then can you walk forward in victory and be the spiritual warrior you were created to be. Fulfill God’s purposes and not those of the enemy. ec