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Friday, September 04, 2009

summer 09 recap continues

Our Florida kin departed for home on Saturday, June 20th and on Monday the 22nd OD and her young ones arrived from Texas – FSIL was unable to come due to work. Then the massive family type stuff began with all the gruntmonkeys. GM1 spent several nights with us to be with GM2 and they seemed to have the most fun that could be had in the allotted time in which they had to have it.

All the gruntmonkeys had a great time together with much loudness and laughter, as is the norm. We had several occasions of family times during the week and as much fun as a barrel of monkeys – or more accurately, a basement full of gruntmonkeys. Their time together ended on Saturday when YD and crowd left town for MI to visit with SSIL’s folks – an annual event of siblings gathering with their parents.

It was determined that I should take GM5 on his first adventure of fishing. The rods and reels had to be dusted off and prepared for the venture with hooks, weights and floats applied. Having not fished for some time and not wanting this to be a fruitless adventure, I called our neighbor and she suggested a certain spot on their pond where bream could readily be caught. Then it was to the bait store to purchase some crickets.

With all the prep made, I put the equipment in my garden cart and included a 5-gallon bucket for the caught fish – an act of faith. GM5 and I made our way down to the pond and a baited hook was cast forth upon the waters. Our wait was short and with my help the young one was soon reeling in his first fish. After the 3rd or 4th fish, the attention span of the 4 year old started to wander and after a total of 7 it departed for other adventures.

OD came down for some photo ops and we asked the young one what he wanted to do with the fish. He didn’t want to eat them or throw them back in the pond from which they came and finally decided to put them in our pond – just below the one in which we fished. I carried the bucket down and he poured them out to be re-caught another day. We gathered all the gear and trekked back to the maison, happy for the event and photos.

A smile is the quickest and best way to improve your looks – I don’t think I have ever seen an ugly smile. TBC ec

PS – Photos are of GM5 with one of his ‘catch' – and the other is of all our gruntmonkeys.


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Love the boy 'n fish photo. Cute.

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