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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MB 0609 2

Although our beach trip is ancient history now – many very busy factors being involved – I feel compelled to finish the story and narratively get us back home.

Tuesday, June 9th, found me on the 7th floor balcony of our temp residence overlooking the beach and ocean in Myrtle Beach, SC. And although I was looking intently eastward, I still was unable to glimpse Europe – has to be fog or something. The time was early afternoon and the day was clear. I was ensconced on the shaded side of the building and just soaking in the fresh air and enjoying the sounds of the ocean.

One could hear the occasional calls or squeals of young ones enjoying the beach – and even the voices of older ones urging them to not do what they were doing because they would hurt or do away with themselves. Many games were being played, waves were enjoyed, skimmer boards were ridden and/or fallen from and birds of several types were flying and calling to each other – probably discussing the human critters on the sand.

Kites were flying to one degree of expertise or another. One particular one was ‘piloted’ very well indeed, with loops and swoops toward the sand, yet without colliding with the beach or any occupier thereof. A game was being played on the shore – Bocce ball – and this reminded me that I intended to buy one of these for the home front last year. Of course my normal tendency is to straightway forget this after I return home.

This was another relaxing day for us both, the weather was sunny with a light breeze and although I had a garden to tend and blueberries to pick back home, I just soaked up the peacefulness. Several small planes flew by, paralleling the beach and towing advertising signs behind them. Also an old red bi-plane flew down the beach and back a couple of times – probably rented by someone for the ride.

A full moon rose over the ocean on Sunday and Monday nights and was absolutely awesome. Tuesday evening found the moon hidden by clouds and showed the lightning of an approaching weather front – awesome also. The balcony contained two rocking chairs and if properly employed these can be much of a stress reliever.

We ate out a few times but mostly ate our meals at the condo – more relaxing. The rest of the trip seems a blur now – we did go shopping another day – relaxing for the Spice, not so much so for me. Early afternoon on Friday, June 12th, found us packed and headed back to our home once again, having enjoyed the getaway but needing to continue our normal lives back at the home front.

During this trip I found and viewed with awe many extraordinary things – these amazing things are hard to find because they are so mixed in with the ordinary parts of a day and have to be searched out. I remain convinced that some of these were made by God just for me to enjoy – God is good! ec

PS – The photo is of a small island of landscaping between the condo and beach.