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Sunday, April 19, 2009

MS 0409 2

Monday morn (04-06-09) came and I went over to my niece’s – now living in the old home place – to fire some weaponry on a range the nephew had set up out back of their house. This nephew is ex-army and ex-law enforcement, hence the interest in weapons. We fired a couple of .22 pistols, a rifle of the same caliber with a spotting scope, a 9mm Glock pistol and an M15, the civilian version of the M16 army weapon.

It has been a long time since my army days and I was a bit rusty but did OK for an old codger. It was a good outing and a type that I don’t get to do much at home because of the nearness of civilization. I have fired my shotguns down around the pond, but the pellets don’t travel far at all and wouldn’t endanger others.

Later in the afternoon I took GM1 back over and she got to fire most of the same weapons – she was very impressed – she had been babysitting the first session. Between these two sessions of exploding ammo we took the young ones to my cousin’s saw mill to show them what this was like. The GMs and I hiked back through the woods on the aunt’s property to get to that location. YD and SSIL drove the van to bring them back.

The last time I saw his business it was not operational since it was still under construction. This time it was in full operation and the young ones were very impressed as well as mesmerized by the operation of this large piece of machinery. My cousin operated the saw with joysticks in a control room overlooking the saw. The logs were loaded on a frame that pulled them in to be loaded into the sawing clamps one at a time.

I had not seen one of these saws in operation either and very was impressed as well. The width and thickness of the sawed planks were determined by a computer and were only limited by the size of the log from which they were sawn. The logs are bought by weight and the boards sold for several purposes. One of the main products he cuts is crossties for railroad tracks – other products depend on the size of the sawed boards.

All rode back in the van except for GM4 and I – we hiked back through the woods just for the adventure and exercise of it. They met us at my aunt’s and after a visit there; they went back to my sister’s. Betwixt and between all the adventures, I chatted much with my aunt as well as my sister. My uncle passed away a little over a year ago and although she is 88, my aunt is managing fairly well and lives there alone.

Family relationships can be a wonderful blessing from God and our visit continued to be blessed. TBC ec

PS – The photo is of GM4 – the adventurer – up an old plum tree.


Blogger ancient one said...

That sounded like fun... I have a gun I call mine. It's a shotgun I got for Christmas in 1999. I went outside to shoot it. I hit my target on the very first try and I've never shot it again...My grandchildren have used it for target pratice and squirrel hunting...My husband has a few guns that he calls his. I leave them alone.

My mother lives on the old family homeplace (my dad's folks)... My mother's family didn't have a home place. They moved around alot. I would love to be able to explore some of the places she used to live. Most of the places she lived before she was married are all gone now..

I know you enjoyed exploring with your grandchildren...

4/20/2009 08:33:00 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Mr. Eddie ~~ It sounds like you and the Grands had a happy time and
saw some new things. Like the sawing
and the guns as well as your cousin and sister.
Thank you for your comment on my blog and I agree, Spring and Fall are
my favorites. I am so glad yo got your gardens sown for Spring. That was a big job. Take care my friend.
Regards, Merle.

4/21/2009 08:43:00 AM  
Blogger JunieRose2005 said...

Mr Eddie,

What a nice surprise to see all the pictures! It sounds like you are all enjoying your lives these days!!


4/22/2009 12:51:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

ancient one - The trip was quite an adventure for them and I enjoyed just being with the GMs and kin down there.

Merle - I checked today and almost all of the cucumbers, some of the squash and a few of the okra seeds have broken the ground in the garden - exciting time of year for me.

JunieRose - I got a new camera for Christmas and am gradually learning to use it and post the photos - still some to learn. ec

4/26/2009 11:05:00 PM  

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