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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

TX 0209 5

Though we are home now, the trip narrative continues.

The day somewhat magically became known as Sunday – February 22nd – and as is our custom we attended church. OD and clan went earlier because both of the adults teach a Sunday school class and we came later for the morning worship service. The service was youth related since they were finishing a weekend youth gathering – Disciple Now. The music was from a younger group but even us oldsters enjoyed it.

The youth minister gave the sermon and it was outstanding. The theme of the whole weekend was “The Born Identity” – a takeoff from a movie by a similar name and the message was somewhat related to that. The movie, “The Borne Identity”, depicted a man that did not know who he was, why he was there or where he was going. He wasn’t aware of the things he could do but found out he could be very dangerous.

The minister's main point was that many Christians do not know who they are in Christ and from scripture he told who Christians really are in a spiritual sense. I also received that some Christians don’t know why they are on earth or where they are going. And further, many Christians aren’t aware of the full extent of their abilities in Christ nor do they realize that they can and should be very dangerous to satan and his hordes.

Left unsaid by the youth pastor but occurring to me was the fact that a Christian that doesn’t know who they are can cause more harm than good. FSIL and OD showed us around the church after service – quite a large facility. We went home to a great meal from the hands of OD and afterwards just enjoyed being together the rest of the day. I find much amusement in the antics of young ones and that day was no exception.

On Monday the ladies had some errands to run so it was just GM5 and me again for a while, so it was “guy stuff” once more. All the meals have been good, as have been the desserts but the apple pie OD prepared on Monday evening was one to praise from high atop a soapbox. I don’t know exactly what was in the pie except for the apples but on top was pecans and caramel – it was good enough to make my lips slap each other silly.

On Tuesday OD kept a friend’s two-year-old daughter for the morning for her mother to attend a funeral. The girl and GM5 really had a great time on the swings, slide and the sand table. It was a bit tricky to make sure they didn’t hurt themselves, particularly the two-year-old but a good time was had by all – so much so that when her Mom came for her, she was ‘reluctant’ to leave – or maybe you could call it a bit of a meltdown.

After the evening meal on Tuesday I asked if we could all have prayer together, they agreed and we stood in a circle, held hands and communed with our Lord a few minutes. It’s not that God can’t hear long distant prayers; it is just different when we are touching as we pray. As the evening wore on, the Spice and I started packing for our departure on Wednesday – the leaving is the saddest part of the trip. TBC ec


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