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Sunday, February 22, 2009

TX 0209 3

The day was Tuesday, February 17th, the place was a small lake in Lake Jackson, TX, the folks involved were the Spice, GM5, OD and I, the material involved was a loaf of bread and one of the missions was to feed the water fowl. The larger mission was the entertaining of GM5 and to a somewhat lesser degree, the adults of our party. When the winged, swimming critters realized what we were about to do, they headed our way en masse.

Wading through these expectant ones, we made it to the dock and started tossing pieces of bread to the waiting beaks. The birds involved were at least two varieties of ducks, a few geese, two varieties of sea gulls and a good many black, duck-like swimmers that I believe to be coots. Our part of the scenario was to toss pieces of bread, their part was to try to be the first to get to the bit of sustenance and we were both good at what we did.

My main activity was tossing pieces in the air for the gulls to catch on the fly. This did happen, a low percentage of the time, but the ducks, geese and coots were all afloat and waiting for the tidbits they missed. We only took one loaf of bread and this was depleted long before the young one desired. As we departed to the recreation equipment, the birds went back to whatever they do until the next bread-tosser comes along.

The really significant event for this particular date is that it is the birthday of GM5, he turned four. And as is the custom of this Texas clan of kin of ours, the birthday person gets to choose the evening menu – the choice of GM5 was pizza, not with pepperoni or hamburger but “cheese pizza” – or what we would call plain. FSIL picked this up on the way home from work and the little one was a happy camper.

OD made him a cake and he helped decorate it with sprinkles and such. He wanted blue icing and before it was all over his mouth and tongue was this same color through the tasting process. After the pizza we had the blowing out of the candles and he had a bit of trouble with this – as the old saying goes, he wasn’t holding his mouth right. He got them extinguished and we sang happy birthday, some more melodiously than others.

Then he opened his presents and was awed – then we went out to the garage for him to see the sand/water play table that had required a little assembly earlier in the day. We carried it out to the screened porch and placed sand on one side and put water in the other – the adults in the group figured that these two elements would soon be mixed anyway. He enjoyed this so much that the adults had to tell him when to come back inside.

Next day was Wednesday and FSIL went to work, GM2 went to school, OD and the Spice went shopping for the day, so it was just GM5 and me doing guy type stuff. After b’fast, we went out for him to play with the sand table and for me to open up another gift for him – moon sand. This is a sand-like material that is formable in the molds that came with the kit – a little like play-doh, only more crumbly – definitely an outdoor adventure.

After this we went out in the yard for him to play and for me to install another gift on the end of the swing set. Taking down the worn piece of equipment located on the end of the top support, I installed a rope swing with a plastic disc on the end that one could sit or stand on while swinging. This was a little hard for him to get used to but he still enjoyed the activity. Wow, time is flying by but God continues to be good, all the time. TBC ec


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