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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TX 0209 2

One of the definitions of the word dynamo is: an energetic, hardworking, forceful person. This definition does not state the size of the person so described but in this case it would suit GM5 almost to the point of having his photo beside the defining words. Meaning five of the word dynamic – of or pertaining to the range of volume of musical sound – leave out the musical part and leave in the upper range of volume and again it’s GM5.

I realize that these definitions would also fit many, many other young lads, including my other three grandsons residing in South Carolina, but my present visit is with GM5 and family. Enduring and possibly at times suffering under the tutelage of GM5 is Jasmine – the younger of the family’s two dachshunds. On occasion, the tutored has to be the tutor with a warning growl or nip when GM5 has trespassed too roughly on her person.

The older of the canines, Bogey, at 14 years (98 in human years) simply endeavors to stay out of the way of the energetic one – an example that old dogs can learn new tricks. It has been said that TV dulls the imagination of young ones but that hasn’t seemed to influence this young one – maybe because he only gets it in small doses. And of course this may be because he doesn’t stay still long enough to be greatly affected.

Among other things today, we have built a “tent” from the couch cushions, played an energetic game of tag – more energy on his part than mine – and have stood enthralled as the trash truck picked up the household waste of the neighborhood. As mentioned in a missive long ago, there was possibly more enthrallment about this on the young one’s part than that of the old codger – maybe – though I did enjoy him enjoying this endeavor.

The Spice and I are watching our Texas ‘grand ones’ today – Monday – for our daughter and hubby to have a day together – something all couples need on a regular basis. After nap and play times we took GM2 and GM5 out to Fuddrucker’s for supper. We didn’t know it but that was the night that “Sweet Potato” the clown made his appearance at that establishment and was a big hit with all the kids, especially GM5.

The clown made balloon animals and such for all the kids and his antics brought gales of laughter from GM5, so much so that the clown commented to us that he really loved his ‘from the toes up’ laughter. By the time we came home we had collected a balloon lion, a sword, a bow and arrow and one long plain balloon. He enjoyed his mac and cheese but by far the clown was the best part of his dining experience.

We continue to have a great visit and it shows in still another way that God is good – all the time. TBC ec


Blogger ancient one said...

What wonderful, wonderful memories your grandchildren are going to have playing with granddad. Sounds alot like the kinds of things we did with ours.. (who are all grown up now).. but I love to go through the picture albums and remember all the fun stuff we did. I have started an album for each of my grandchildren and have separated some of the pictures of them into their own albums... my plan is to pass them on to them when I've gone on to heaven.

2/18/2009 10:49:00 PM  
Blogger itsboopchile said...

I have to agree with the ancient one re children's memories.
No matter where they go or live they will remember the good times with you.
I see it with our own. We are far from energetic now but the kids remember when we were and it makes living worth while.
Yes, God is good, all the time, all through our lives.
Betty G

2/19/2009 11:34:00 AM  
Blogger mreddie said...

ancient one - I know this is true since my oldest granddaughter reminds me of some of the fun stuff we did when she was small.

itsboopchile - I do agree and my play with them is not nearly so energetic with them as just a few years ago. ec

2/22/2009 01:01:00 AM  

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