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Saturday, March 24, 2007


On another day, at another time and during another emotion I was finally able to talk myself into dragging out from the reclining position and chair into which I had gratefully sunk all too few minutes ago. Even though I felt a dissertation on the subject of reclining coming on, I was able to decline due to a lack of inclination or would that be a dis-clination?

Other disturbing news from Blueberry Hill is that I have had to back off on the drinking of hot tea, something I have done for years and enjoy very much. The drinking of it has the effect of making the inside of my throat tender when swallowing. The problem had been around for a couple of months when quite by accident I left off drinking the tea for a couple of days and it cleared up. Not sure at all what caused this, whether it was my condition or the medication involved in controlling it. I have sipped some strictly herbal tea and that seems to be OK, hopefully this is a temporary problem.

More work on the driveway blueberry bed was done. While working I noticed the bees that were busily working the blueberry blooms from bush to bush. They were food gathering and pollinating the flowers all at the same time, making it possible for the berries to be produced. I do appreciate what they are doing and it doesn’t bother me even when they fly just inches away from my face. They are too busy to have interest in me, to them I am no more than a tree or something and will only sting in self-defense when trapped, whether it’s by accident or not. I do sometimes think they will buzz by my ears just to see if I am aware they are there.

After thoroughly expending myself in the yard, I came in, cleaned up and headed over to YD’s for supper. She seemed to be concerned about me because the Spice was still chaperoning on the band trip with GM1. She may have been afraid that I would starve but I can’t see that happening because when it comes to food I am very resourceful, as well as being fairly omnivorous.

YD, SSIL, GM3, GM4, GM6 and I had a very enjoyable meal together and chatted a while. After this I departed for the middle school to pick up the Spice and GM1, as it was getting on toward time for the busses to return from the Myrtle Beach band trip. As it turned out, they were late but the Spice had contacted me by cell phone about this fact and I decided to go on to the school anyway and just wait.

They finally arrived and we got the luggage loaded up and headed to get them something to eat. Chic-Fil-A was our place of stoppage and even though I had eaten, and I can hardly go there without getting a vanilla milkshake, so that happened as well. Took GM1 home and got her stuff unloaded, then the Spice and I headed for the old home place. All this waiting and fetching them took place under an absolutely clear and beautiful night sky, and I was grateful to the One who made it. ec


Blogger Bonita said...

Sorry to hear about the tea. One can always find comfort in the herbal ones, and you could probably make your own from blueberries or rosehips. Marvelous herbal blends with great aromas are out there.

3/26/2007 11:45:00 AM  
Blogger mreddie said...

Bonita - I'm sipping on lemon-ginger as I write. Hadn't thought of making some from blueberries, thanks, but I have made plans to use the rosehips for that this year. ec

3/26/2007 09:55:00 PM  

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