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Monday, September 03, 2007


It was early afternoon and after a very busy morning when it occurred to me that I must have arisen an hour or so before I should have. In response to the occurred thought, I went to hold down the recliner for a while. Normally this wasn’t a bad thing but I zonked out into dreamland and woke to realize that I had missed lunch, which I consider very serious. The Spice was working at her transcription so I got up and prepared us some early supper. And although the food was good, I shouldn’t have tried to make up for the lunch I missed – uncomfortable.

From there I straightened up some odds and ends in the basement and on discovering the weather had turned cloudy, I went outside and cleaned the weeds and grass out of the driveway blueberry bed. It came time for my evening walk and although the temp had eased a little, it was still very humid and uncomfortable. Muggy is the word for this humid condition around here and I concluded that it came from the word mug – because it feels like I’ve been mugged after coming in from outside.

On my evening walks, the thought patterns, scattered though they may be, usually have a central theme of something that is on my mind that needs to be considered. One train of thought runs its course and then I go on to something else. On other days the thoughts are more scattered, with one thought snippet after another popping up and being discarded as unworthy of lengthy consideration.

Thoughts like – they said it was going to rain and all we got was a little sprinkle – I wonder what time the cicadas quit singing – I think more crickets are chirping tonight than last night – I wonder why the large heron is not on the pond tonight – I wonder if the deer are in the edges of the woods watching as I walk by – the power company came to repair our security light today, I wonder if it is really fixed – I wonder why I don’t see fireflies around here, maybe the bats have eaten them all so as to light up their lives – the moon just came into view, I wonder why it is so orange?

On another day I decided to do something a little different and go outside and mow before the temp got too hot. This was not a good overall plan because the dew on the grass caused the clippings to congregate as a gummy residue under the mower, to harden into a near solid mass. The walk-behind mower was used on the blueberry side of the driveway and behind the house – both areas in which it is difficult to maneuver the lawn tractor. The rest was left for another, hopefully cooler day.

The tearing out of the bathroom floor is mostly complete, spending my time today in close trimming in front of the sink cabinets. The small area around the commode has been left for as long as possible, or we would have to visit the guest bath. Next job is putting screws in the sub-floor for strength and installing plywood on top of that for supporting the soon to be installed tile. The clean-up part of this is somewhat to my dislike but between my trusty dustpan and the vacuum it’s not too rough.

The cleaning up of a life gone astray in a spiritual sense is also a tough proposition; in fact it is impossible without Jesus Christ because even the strongest vacuum will not remove the wrongdoings and guilt from our lives. But with Jesus the cleanup is easy, all we have to do is ask in faith and accept it as done. ec


Blogger ancient one said...

Still no rain for us either. When people mow they throw up lots of dust. The farmers on our road are racing to get the corn in. None of it filled out because of lack of rain but it is really dry. Our weather men are looking at that storm that seems to be making up just off shore. They think we might get some rain from it this weekend, Maybe??

Our church is doing some work to get ready for some adding on... power was cut off on Monday and will not be hooked up until the next Monday. (moving electrical lines) Our pastor announced that we would have one service at our Church on Sunday. The 11 o'clock service with no lights and no air conditioning. Our choir will be singing at the Collard Festival in town Sunday night around seven. They have several choirs coming to sing to close out the festival. So it all worked out!

9/05/2007 08:28:00 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

I always feel so inspired when I've visited you.

We've had a goodly amount of rain of late, want me to send a bit over your way?

9/05/2007 09:20:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

ancient one - The weather person had indicated several days with fair chances of rain but these did not come to pass - the pond still dwindles. I hope your Sunday without power is not one of those record breaking hot ones, but it will help folks appreciate the power when it comes back on. I remember those summer church days with nothing but a hand fan but we managed.

brenda - I would appreciate several of those rain clouds being sent down this way. It looks to be about a week before we have another decent chance of moisture. Otherwise the fish in the pond will be sending out for bottled water. :) ec

9/05/2007 09:38:00 PM  

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