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Friday, November 30, 2007

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Friday, November 23rd, dawned and when I arose the Spice and OD had already departed on their part of the shopping for the needy family. They left GM1 and GM2 fast asleep, they were to have gone with them but couldn’t get cranked up in time. Others were to get other items and then bring them all back together – then pass them along through our go-between and still remain anonymous.

FSIL and GM5 were up and about since this young man usually is an early riser – much to his parents’ lack of sleep. This was just a hang out day for me – I don’t think I even left the house. I did watch the young ones for a while when FSIL met someone for lunch.

Saturday arrived all too soon – this was OD and clan’s departure day. We arose early, packed the van with luggage and people and headed toward Atlanta airport shortly after 7am. We dropped GM1 off at her house on the way because GM2 wanted them to be together as long as possible. We were somewhat surprised that the traffic was as light as it was and we supposed that everyone was waiting until Sunday to go back home.

With only one pit stop we made the trip and the drop off point was slammed with autos and people. It took a few minutes to get to the curb to let them out, we said our short good-byes and then waited a while to get out of the jam and headed back to South Carolina. The Spice and I got off at exit 82 and went by Kohl’s to get another of the items that we picked up for OD – this one was for YD.

We then continued our journey back home. The Spice was exhausted from the very busy week and not getting very much sleep, so when she dozed off I just let her sleep and headed in an eastward direction. I woke her when we got off the interstate back in our home area. We went by O’Charlie’s to get a bite to eat since neither of us felt like preparing anything when we got home.

Just as we were leaving, my very good friend called to see if he could bring back the chairs they had borrowed during the aftermath of the passing of his wife. We decided to just go by and get them since we were close. We went by and had a good visit with them, two of his daughters and a granddaughter were in and we laughed and chatted for a while. He and I talked a while and we finally loaded up the chairs and headed for the home front – a couple of very tired puppies.

We stumbled into the house and it was a progression from chair to floor and finally to bed. On Sunday AM, I didn’t want get up, I didn’t feel like going to church, but we did both and were glad we did as usual. We came home and for lunch we munched on any leftover that happened to cross our path. Sunday PM, even though we were still feeling pretty ragged, we went back to church.

Sometimes we go out after PM church but this was not one of those times and we just went home. I fixed some grits for us and had a good little meal with just the two of us. As I went to bed, I had a grateful heart for grits and a good bed – and was glad that God had supplied both. ec


Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I think I may apply for a Federal grant to study how long it takes folks to recovery from a “holiday.”

12/01/2007 11:07:00 AM  
Blogger Kila said...

Sunday mornings often seem to be a struggle, but it's always worth it when we make it to church!

Sounds like you had a nice time. Have you rested up?!

12/01/2007 10:44:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

SSN - Sounds like a plan - I've heard of much less important grants. It took me most of the week.

kila - Sundays services do seem to be rough to get to but like you say, they are worth it. I think we have just about recovered - maybe. :) ec

12/01/2007 11:39:00 PM  

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