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Friday, October 17, 2008


My neighbors have pear trees and when I checked with them, they said to come get all I wanted since they had already picked all they intended to use. A short while later I had picked two five-gallon buckets full of the fruit. My intention was to cook the pears and put them in the freezer.

On Monday evening I peeled and cut up a large pot of the fruit. I cooked them on low heat with no added sugar or water – tasty to me though maybe not to everyone. It got late and the cooked fruit was too hot to containerize so I took the whole pot to the downstairs fridge to cool for the night.

Tuesday morn somehow appeared via the mystery of time and my awakening was a bit earlier than usual since I was to keep GM6 for YD to go to a doc appointment. I’m not sure I was much awake when the young one arrived – that happened shortly after. Normally his entertainment desires are far ranging but on this day his main want was for a video.

This suited me and I watched along with him, since that is the only way he would stay there. This was to be a day of several more activities, so I enjoyed the quietness while I could. The next event of the day was a luncheon at 11:30am with the seniors from church, so when we got ready and loaded up, we took GM6 back by his home on our way to the restaurant.

A good representation of the group showed and we ate Tex-Mex for lunch. The food was good but the fellowship was better and we enjoyed conversing for quite a while. We finally parted ways and went back into South Carolina toward our home turf. We checked with YD on the way and since it was nearing time to pick up GM3, and GM6 was still napping, we went by to pick him up.

We went to the school and got into car line for him and it was a good thing the Spice was with me because I had not a clue about the workings of their car line. We had a wait of about 45 minutes so we chatted and relaxed until we finally got the signal to come pick him up and take him home.

My next event was to go out to supper with some old friends but having spare time, I containerized the cooked pears and put them in the freezer. I cooked them in a 6-quart container but they cooked down and only rendered 3 quarts for the freezer. The Spice went to her Mom’s and I went to supper with the old guys.

The five old friends finally wound up at a place called Wild Wings out near I-20 and the place was packed out – it seems that Tuesday is double wings night. We ordered and had to wait quite a while for the food, so we just discussed most any world situation we could think of – we didn’t discuss anything that we couldn’t think of – that’s a bit hard to do.

The talk was good and when we finally got the food it was good. When our raging appetites were sated and the talk ran out, we departed to the parking lot. After deciding where we were to meet next month, we went home. I left the place grateful for old friends and memories – God is good. ec


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to try Wild Wings! It sounde great, but I'll make sure not to go there on a Tuesday.

It's great to spend time with friends... both old and new. Good for you all for taking the time! So often we don't do that enough.

Finally, I adore pears. I planted two trees here a little over a year ago and got about 9 pears off them this year. You'd have thought I won the lottery!

In a way, I did!

10/19/2008 09:32:00 AM  
Blogger mreddie said...

jayleigh - Tuesday is a good time even though the wait is longer because you get double wings.

I only have one pear tree that I have had several years - had an off year and only got about 15 or so this year. It is always a hoot to go out and pick your own fruit. ec

10/19/2008 11:31:00 PM  

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