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Monday, March 01, 2010

BBH 472

Blueberry Hill report 472 – Wow, it’s hard to believe it is nearing spring again and I haven’t finished pruning all the fruit or nut bearing entities. Over the last month or so I have finished pruning all 7 of the muscadines. The vine growth from last year was trying to take over that part of the ‘hill’. Many of the vine runners that were cut off were up to 20 feet long.

The lone pear tree was severely pruned as it had been so heavily laden last season that the limbs were weighted to the ground. The fig tree was also cut back harshly because it was growing too big. This tree almost always is a heavy bearer; the only exceptions would be the few times that a late freeze has hit the area. All three of my blueberry patches need attention and there seems to be too little time in the day.

The hazelnut bush/trees have yet to be started on and they are way overgrown – they put out shoots and these have to be cut back to 5 or 6 main branches every year. The pineapple guavas seem to have survived their first year on the place with one actually blooming last year, although no fruit resulted. Only one of the pomegranates is left alive – I plan to replant these shortly – or it will be too late.

My main occupation (or preoccupation) at the moment is repairing and rebuilding the back porch. The end goal is to make a sunroom out of it and since it is on the upper floor level this will also recreate the storage room beneath the porch. This area of the house had been neglected for years now to the extent that much of the support lumber had rotted places in them – to the point of having to be replaced.

My bro and I had constructed a cement pad and a room beneath porch several years ago and that part was still good since the studs were out of treated lumber. Almost all of the upper support parts had to be torn out and this has been done and some wood has already been replaced and braced to the point that it’s almost ready for the floor joists – it has taken much longer than I thought at first.

Still and all, spring is my favorite season by far because God’s creation really puts on an awesome show of buds and blooms – God is so good to me, and to us all. ec