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Thursday, December 22, 2016


Most, if not all of us, feel the need of an audience, whether the listeners be many or few – or even just one.  I see this played out most often in the persons of our Gruntmonkeys – the ‘Grand’ ones.  The competition of these younglings is keen for the informal dais – this to regale their audience with whatever is in the forefront of their mind at the moment – and at times this discourse is simply to add to or subtract from a previous young speaker.  This Pop-pop smiles inwardly and outwardly as they bask in the momentary glory of having someone to listen.

This brings to mind the fact that we always have someone willing to listen to us – be it tales of woe or of joyous happenings.  God always hears us because he loves and cares for us.  Have you spoken to Him today?  ec