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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fire at the Fort.

A few evenings ago the local grandsons were over for much fun riding the small electric truck and playing on the trampoline and swings. After hotdogs, SSIL, GM3, GM4, GM6 and I went down to Fort Gruntmonkey at the pond. It was dark and even though it was still very warm we cranked up a small bonfire within the Fort walls – made of stacked firewood.

They were fascinated by the fire but more interested in throwing rocks in the pond. A major effort on the GMs part was to be able to skip a stone. The oldest, GM3, finally got a few to skip and he was appropriately proud of his achievements. The other two young ones were just happy to see the splashes. May they always enjoy the simple things of life and not complicate everything like grownups.

The GMs were quite fascinated by the several toads we found hopping about in the dark. I’m sure these insect eaters were wondering about the bright flashlight shining on them while they were on their evening hop. SSIL even espied a shoulder-less creature that slithered into the firewood stack when it was discovered.

It was quite likely non-poisonous since it didn’t get all belligerent and such – I will be on the lookout just in case. If it is poisonous, it will likely wake up dead one day soon – if not it will be live and let live. It was soon time for the young ones to crash but I got the distinct feeling that they enjoyed their stay on Blueberry Hill.

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