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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

shopping - 3


Then I brought my mind and self back to our real life “Mall Adventure” and gummi bear consumption. At first I would toss a small clump of the delightful little morsels into my mouth, allowing my taste buds to enjoy the symphony – or was it a cacophony – of contrasting flavors. Then as the bear population dwindled I would munch down on two of the same color, then just before bear extinction, I would chew on single bears, savoring them as long as possible. This was to try to get the flavor to take me to another place and time – but it didn’t work.

Then the thing that I had greatly feared came upon me, the “Mall Adventure” was not over and I had run out of gummi bears! All I knew to do then was to sigh, not just a light sigh of inconvenience; these were the heavy theatrical kind that meant I was nearing panic-city. Would you believe they were totally ignored?

My only back-up plan was to whine – but maybe it wasn’t really whining, just explaining my needs in a very sane, rational way – OK, it was whining. I knew that it was a horrible thing to do, but I was desperate. I explained that my feet hurt, which was true and I told her that my body doesn’t have a meander gear. I had tried to sidle but that wasn’t her speed, I even moseyed a little but that wasn’t right either. I was just stuck because even a saunter didn’t match her pace. I was made to run, or walk fast, or cavort through fields of newly mown hay but it was too painful to meander and do the other slow speeds. Plus there were no fields of newly mown hay – it was winter!

Finally my wife either had mercy on me or she got tired of all the whining and consented to leave – she may have been tired of fighting the crowd as well. Now I still feel that as an experience, shopping at the mall ranks somewhere between having an appendectomy and getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick – but I think I’m a better man for having gone thru it – maybe.

Good and bad happens to all of us; it’s just that the genuine Christian has a Friend to be with them through it all – and yes, even during a Mall Experience, if you are not too panicked to call on Him. ec


Blogger Bonita said...

Take her out to the woods, where her 'meander gear' will be fully relished by you. It was not meant for Malls...and do squat down, to see what is under your feet. That can be fun.

1/25/2006 12:23:00 PM  
Blogger adannells said...

It is so wonderful to know that no matter what we go through the Lord is always there with us. Even in little things were we need to learn patience he will help us through and in the end we will come out more patient, hopefully! :)

1/25/2006 05:12:00 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

An interesting series of posts, I'm one of the rare breed of males who don't mind the trips to the mall.

1/25/2006 07:41:00 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Mr Eddie ~~ Enjoyed your trips to the mall. Most men would agree, but one thought my friend - Be thankful you have a mate to go with. Even if infrequently!!!!
Thanks for your visits and comments on my site and your good wishes about my daughter. It is so great to know she will be well now. She lost an amazing 12 kilos.
Thanks, and keep writing.

1/25/2006 08:02:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

bonita - Yes, the woods or even out to our blueberry patch to see how God set His creation in order.

adannells - The trouble with patience is that most folks want it right now! :)

peter - Let's just say that I can only tolerate the mall if my lady is with me. :)

merle - Yes, I am indeed thankful for the spice of my life still being with me. Almost lost her in Dec. 2002 - heart stoppage - she now has an implanted defib device. ec

1/25/2006 08:48:00 PM  

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