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Thursday, May 17, 2007

TN condo - 5

We have had a very busy week and I’m just now getting around to sending this last episode of our TN trip. Time flies whether we are having fun or not!

Back on the road from the lunch stop, we decided to vary this latter part of the trip and take the interstate route instead of going through all the small towns on two lane roads. We were taking 1-26 to the Columbia area and then I-20 the rest of the way – this route being a little longer but possibly quicker. We exited later for a fuel stop and then pulled next door to the McDonald’s for a couple of Sundaes for OB and FSISIL, the Spice and I had eaten our dessert back at J & S.

Nearing Columbia, SC I-26 intersects with 1-20 and we got on that route and headed for the Augusta, GA area. Reaching that location in a safe manner, we dropped off OB and FSISIL with their bags and baggage at their home base. When we drove up, we were joyfully greeted by four canines – their two, their daughter’s and another of a neighbor – it seems they were sorely missed by the critters.

Departing there, the Spice wanted to go by the Christian Book Store while we were on that side of town and pick up her previously ordered copy of the latest book by Karen Kingsbury – I think she is addicted to that particular author. It just so happens that this bookstore is located next door to one of the Chic-Fil-As in Augusta, and whereas we both so enjoy milkshakes from there, I went over to retrieve one chocolate and one vanilla for our consuming enjoyment.

By the time I returned with the aforementioned delectables, the Spice had returned with her book and we once again headed for our SC home. As I have mentioned before, these milkshakes have the habit of not lasting until we get home, but I don’t think mine made it even halfway – defect in the product possibly. We made it home safely, yet sadly, with my now empty cup – maybe they should make a half-gallon size for us real enthusiasts.

Before unloading, I had to check out the garden to see how things were sprouting. Portions of all the rows were coming up, albeit rather unevenly – possibly because of the lack of a good rain. Nevertheless it was good to see these plants start to poke their leaves above ground, indicating that they were willing to do their part, if the rain would do its share. I had watered it some, but that is just not the same as the natural wet stuff.

While getting all our stuff unloaded, I realized once again how good it is to get home after time away – there is just something inside that relaxes when I walk in the door. I later lost my battle against the wooing of the recliner and found myself cradled in the arms of this piece of furniture and those of Morpheus. Recliners are a blessing from God and I’m grateful for them. ec


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