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Thursday, July 19, 2007

HHI - 4

Hilton Head Island – the saga continues. The beach was not very crowded in the morning but as the clouds started clearing the population increased a good bit. Several babies were among the enjoyers, the one right next to us was still a crawler and absolutely fearless. It took off as fast as it could toward the waves, only to be stopped just short of them by the Dad. Another baby was evidently not liking the way the sand felt on its knees and was moving on hands and feet and at quite a rapid pace – cute as it could be, appeared like a funny looking little fur-less animal.

A few non-humans were among the crowd; some crows were ‘working’ the beach groups, looking for castaway tidbits that they could snatch on the fly and take away. The tide had gone so far out that the lifeguards had to move their stands, umbrellas and such further out to be nearer the wave splashers. In all there were 3 stands and 2 more just under umbrellas. Just in front of us and to the right, a man and his son had drawn off a paddleball court in the sand and were playing a rather lively game. The son looked to be only 10 or 11 but was very good at this game and was giving the Dad a time of it.

A short time later the temp started to get much warmer, even uncomfortably so. It became time for the little one’s nap, so we folded our gear, hauled it to the van and departed for the condo. It was a good outing, the kids had fun, their Mom and Dad had fun helping them have fun and their grandparents had fun watching them all have fun – basically fun was had on all accounts.

After cleaning up a bit, OD, FSIL and GM2 went shopping and the Spice and I stayed with the snoozing GM5. It wasn’t long after they left that it started raining, a sure sign to me that shopping is a bad thing to do. The youngest one awoke before they returned and wanted something to eat. He consumed several slices of cheese, a couple of containers of applesauce, a bunch of “goldfish” and some milk. The out and about crowd was bringing back pizza but he just couldn’t wait until then.

They returned with the pizza, I had cut up some of the tomatoes and cucumbers we brought down and we had our own little feast – no one left the table hungry. The ladies then walked down to the shops in Harbourtown for a bit more shopping and to exchange some items that weren’t quite right. The guys stayed back to hold down the fort, or in this case, the condo.

The ladies returned and we were about to turn in when I suddenly remembered that I had not taken my meds that morning in all the excitement of getting off to the beach. Without a second thought I went ahead and took them and it only occurred to me later that one of the three pills that I take was a fluid pill. It is considered a mild one but you couldn’t prove that by me because I got up every hour on the half hour to go to the ‘necessary’ room all night long.

The morning came and even though I was not sure if I was rested or not, it was time to pack up and head back home. For a while there was some doubt as to whether or not all our ‘stuff’ and theirs would fit in the van and still have room for people. We loaded up and followed FSIL in their rented SUV back to the airport in Savannah to turn that back in and they rode with us back to our house.

We followed the same rural path back through South Carolina to our home territory, passing through some beautiful farmland and some very healthy crops of corn, cotton, peanuts and even some soybeans. I marvel at the way God made these plants to supply us food and even clothing. ec


Blogger ancient one said...

Beach and Grandchildren.Sounds like fun to me.

Have you ever seen so much corn as has been planted this year? Just about every country road in my neck of the woods has corn growing on both sides of the road. Seems like we are driving down corn field paths instead of our regular roads. I hope the farmers make a lot of money on this corn. I miss being able to see my neighbor,s houses across the field.

7/21/2007 10:51:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

ancient one - It was a real hoot! This area we live in is not farming land and that is the first time I had been in real farm territory this year. There was a lot of corn but that area had more cotton than I have seen in a while - plus a lot of peanuts. ec

7/22/2007 01:23:00 PM  

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