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Thursday, September 20, 2007

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Somehow through the passage of the joyous minutiae of time with loved ones, Tuesday passed and it became Wednesday – this because Wednesdays always follow Tuesdays – not my rule, that’s just how it is. Tuesday was filled with relaxation, exercise (a very hot walk), minor odd jobs, installing things on walls and interacting with loved ones – large and small. Wednesday was the same except different and with more interfacing with a certain little one because the ladies went shopping.

The reverie GM5 and I were having together was interrupted when OD called to say that her neighbor’s doorknob came off of her front door and her husband was out of town. The little one and I walked the short distance down to see if we could help and discovered an unfamiliar knob type. I bumbled around with it until I found out what made it work and finally got it all back together again. It still needs a screw installed to more firmly secure the latch to the door but her husband will take care of that when he returns.

Grunt monkey 5 and I wandered back down the sidewalk to his home and continued with the minutiae and interpersonal interplay. While the word minutiae carries the meaning of small or unimportant details, these are the things that make up the whole of GM5’s daily world. In his detailed world, this young one wants things the way he wants them and no other way, with minute instructions concerning each. From my vantage point, it seems to me that many become adults that never grow out of that way of life.

OD and I were to walk when she got back from shopping but due to massive conflicts in her scheduling I just did a solo walk. Because of a breeze it was a good walking day even though this was normally the hotter part of the day. This is a well planned neighborhood with small, well-cared for yards and large houses. Most of the yards have trees, some of which I recognize and some I do not. I was a bit surprised to see Spanish Moss in the area, some of the trees were covered from top to bottom.

We had a good supper shortly after my return and I was the last one at the table, savoring the last few bites of my dessert, when I noticed a pair of longing, even pleading, eyes looking up at me. It was Bogie, the older of the family’s two dachshunds, just hoping that I would drop something for him to clean up. Then I glanced under the table and there was the other one, Jasmine, her eyes alight with this same hope that seems to spring eternal in the mind and heart of a dog. But alas, their hopes did not come to fruition.

Our hopes and dreams will not come to full fruition either if they are not firmly planted on the Rock, Christ Jesus, who is our only hope to attain or to be anything that is good. ec


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