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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TX 0907 5

During our Texas trip I was able to walk every day from Monday the 17th through the Sunday before we left. OD joined me every day except one and these were enjoyable walks since we were able to chat about most everything and about nothing stuff as well – chatting is good.

The equipment for the “Corn Bag Toss” game had been completed and FSIL had put one coat of paint on the boards earlier in the week. The surface of the board was still a bit rough so I sanded both of them before FSIL came home on Friday and he applied another coat of paint on them then. OD had finished sewing the corn bags together – four red and four black – and not only that, she had embroidered the University of Georgia’s “G” on all of them, since that is their favorite football team. These items were styling and profiling to say the least.

The bags are made of “duck” cloth and each was filled with about a pound of feed corn. Even though this game has similarities to the game of horseshoes, its thrown “missiles” are not nearly so damaging if they accidentally hit someone during play. OD had enough material to make me a set of the corn bags as well – for the game I intend to make when I return home.

Saturday morning arrived and this is usually the day FSIL does his yard work. He was almost through with this when he decided to set up the corn toss game in the front yard. We did some practice throws for a while and then decided to play a “real game”. The winning score is 21 and this seemed to take us forever – we found out later that we weren’t scoring exactly the right way and that would have made the game faster. Nevertheless FSIL did beat me and it was so hot that we decided that would be the first and last game of the day.

He finished up the yard work by the time the main football games came on and came inside to enjoy them. We watched the University of South Carolina play LSU and although we didn’t approve of the outcome, the real game for both of us was the University of Georgia against Alabama. The ladies had been out for some shopping and picked us up some Calzone for supper on the way back. The place that makes it, as well as pizzas and other items, is not fancy but the food is good. That night was no exception – it was great.

The football game was a hard fought one with Georgia missing a chance to win right at the end of regulation play but it ended tied. But it still turned out to our satisfaction because Georgia won in the first overtime. I do pull for Georgia and was glad they won, but the elation and gladness of FSIL was almost without bounds – but he did bound several times around in the den anyway.

God’s wisdom is shown in His setting forth of families and if all members follow the way God meant for it to be, the possibility of happiness is a good one. God is good – He invented families. ec


Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I don’t remember any “Corn Bag Toss” games at the picnics that are unfortunately no longer a major part of Louisville’s community life. I do remember some small sand filled bags used to toss at a target; I assume there is a different technique for tossing the lighter corn bags than in tossing sand filled bags.

9/26/2007 01:04:00 AM  
Blogger mreddie said...

SSN - A site on line stated that the game came from Germany and was brought to the US by immigrants. The most recent place of 'coming out' was from the mountains of Kentucky and the southern part of Ohio - Cincinnati to be more precise. It seems to be a regular part of the tail-gating experience at Ohio State football games. It has now started to spread to many other areas. If there is a technique for tossing I haven't learned it yet but the tossing distance is only 30 feet so it is not so bad. ec

9/26/2007 08:23:00 PM  

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