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Sunday, March 02, 2008

another day

And then came Monday (Feb 25th) with its set of appointments and predicaments. After b’fast and scripture, my next place to be was the dentist’s office. This visit was to atone for some of my past dental sins, had I known which one back then, I would have left it undone. A couple of small fillings were required, although when he was grinding, they did not feel small at all.

After paying the price for the dental misdeeds, I had a short list of items to acquire down at Wal-Mart. I wandered about the place for just long enough to get them and headed out. On the way to the truck I looked about at the scenery, mostly parking lot but at the edges were some trees and such. I gazed in wonderment at the blueness of the sky since we have had clouds several days.

I did notice a lone crow at the south edge of the parking lot, on the very tip of the uppermost branch of a tree and it seemed to be calling to its mates. In the top of another tree at the north corner of the same lot were two crows calling back to the other. Not sure what the cawing was about but they all flew shortly so it must have been some sort of important message.

Then as I was driving out of the lot, I noticed another bird just standing in an unoccupied section of pavement. It looked to be a tern; it was just standing there and appeared to be thinking about something, maybe why it was there and not at the beach. Or it could have been to a beach bash the day before and just flew off course; it may have been making resolutions to cut back on the partying.

After arriving back home and stowing the goods, I thought about Mondays somewhat. The conclusion I reached was that Mondays are not really bad days, just very misunderstood. There they are, the first day of the workweek, trying their best to get folks working and producing again and having to listen to most everyone complaining about getting back to the slavery.

But it is not Monday’s fault, it’s the people, Monday is just a victim. If the week started on Tuesday or Wednesday, then they would be the bad days. I was just sitting around waiting for the numbness from the dentist to leave my face when YD called and needed my sitting services to watch two of the grunts while she took the other one to the doc. Naturally I said yes.

As she left them in our care, she mentioned that they both had to have a nap – not a good start to the visit. They did go down easily and things got quiet until the little one decided to get up and wake his bro. The Spice put on her gruff voice and promptly got them situated again. They had not been awake too long when their Mom returned and took them to their other home.

I put on my bummy clothes – a large part of my wardrobe – and went outside to work more in the garden and yard. By the time I came in, my back was totally shot and I just lay in the floor for a while. I finally managed to get up and went for the first walk since returning from Texas. Back inside, I went downstairs to exercise a bit, a few weights and such but mainly on the ab lounger. It may sound odd but this piece of equipment seems to do my back more good than anything else.

I finally wandered off to bed, realizing that whether I have an achy back or not, God is still good. ec


Blogger Kila said...

I loved reading your words, as always.

I think it does make perfect sense that the ab lounger helps your back. I glad you have it available. Similar exercises help my husband's back.

Enjoy your walks! Not possible here, except indoors, due to all the ice and snow and slush, etc.!

3/04/2008 12:41:00 AM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Frightening, Mr. E., especially since I have a tooth ache and am having problems finding a dentist who accepts Medicare.

Could the tern have been ill and the scavenger crows just waiting for its demise?

Mondays as misunderstood days I can understand. Just think: if Jesus had not risen on Sunday, Sunday would be the first day of work and I would post jokes entitled “Too Bd Its Sunday” rather than “Too Bad Its Monday.”

3/04/2008 01:27:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

kila - Thanks! Since I have started using the ab lounger in earnest, the nagging pains have diminished much. Our worst cold weather seems to be over - except for the "Easter cold snap" - like the one that killed my berries last year.

SSN - I am fortunate to still have insurance to pay part of the bill. I think the tern was just blown off course, the parking lots in the area have small flocks of sea gulls during stormy times. So true about Sunday, I hadn't really thought of that. ec

3/05/2008 10:48:00 PM  

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