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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

8 TX 0208

Still Sunday, 2-17-2008 – After service and since we had driven separately, we took GM2 with us and OD and FSIL went to get GM5 and came home a little later. FSIL grilled some chicken breasts and we had this with fettuccine alfredo and broccoli on the side – it was yummy! This was GM5’s actual birthday so after the meal he was presented his new push scooter and bicycle. The birthday cake was next and after several tries he finally got his three candles blown out – he was aiming the wrong way.

OD had made the cake and GM2 had helped decorate it – chocolate layers with white icing – plus we had some Breyer’s vanilla ice cream on the side. I wanted more than one slab of cake and large glob of ice cream but I have found out that I am allergic – I break out in fat!

Then it was out to the driveway to try out the little one’s vehicles. He was reluctant about riding since these modes of transportation were new to him but he made a start. They went down the sidewalk for a ways and in typical southern fashion, started talking with some neighbors. This resulted in the lady of that house coming down to get a video to watch and chatting some more while her offspring jumped on the trampoline with the grunts here. The men folks chatted quite a while as well – it’s just something neighbors should do.

Then it was back inside for family stuff and a snack for supper. We watched extreme home makeover together, the one in which the blind, wheel chair bound musician and family got a brand new home. There was also some homework help for GM2 and we finally all headed off to the furniture pieces that facilitate slumber.

2-18-2008 arrived without particular fanfare, although I didn’t realize it until I woke up. Our departure day was rapidly approaching so OD and the Spice got involved in cleaning out and reorganizing an upstairs closet. FSIL was off today and he had some cleanup projects as well. Later in the afternoon he and I made the trip over to Lowe’s to get some replacement parts for their gas grill. They didn’t have the parts but we looked at the new grills and not being much of a griller, I didn’t realize how expensive the new ones were.

We went on over to Home Depot and found the main parts he needed and looked at more grills – they were not cheap either. In both locations I fought off the urge to go to the tool departments and drool on the fascinating implements and devices resting there. We got back and he finished the clean-up and repairs on the grill – one minor part remains to be replaced but it doesn’t interfere in the operations thereof.

We then started another project of trying to place some indirect lighting on top of the kitchen cabinets. They had seen this in a condo in which they had rested once upon a time. We placed the rope light and temporarily plugged it into the AC. After one rearrangement, the desired effect was achieved and we drilled a hole in the cabinet for permanent AC connection – it did look good, plus it showed off the above the cabinet décor.

Talking about light reminds me of the scripture that states: “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” May you always choose to have His light in your life. ec


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