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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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Monday finished up with a supper of oriental burgers, a favorite dish of the Spice. It is a curious mixture of American and Asian cuisine that is delightful – we also had a salad to go along with it. After supper, with most of us watching “Deal or no deal”, a humdinger of a storm came through the area. The storm was accompanied by much thunder and lightning and the rain was hitting the windows so hard that it almost sounded like hail.

The wet turbulence lasted the better part of an hour but finally settled down into a slow rain. Before long we all wound down, called it a day and headed to bed. Tuesday arrived almost too soon and being deep into honesty, I drug my frame from its resting place with great effort and slightly wilted joy and started 02-12-2008. After breakfast and scripture, the joy freshened up right well.

This date just happens to be OD’s birthday and she has reached the traumatic age of 40 – a fact that is hard for her – or me – to believe. It seems only a few months ago that I escorted her down the aisle to join FSIL in wedlock. Before that it was the backward blur of college, high school, grammar school, childhood and infancy. It doesn’t seem possible that I once held this dynamic woman, wife and mother in my arms as our firstborn.

We cranked up the day in the usual ways and just did usual stuff until shortly after noon. We then decided to go for our walk a bit early since we were going to have a special supper for OD’s birthday. OD and I are the fast walkers, so we stepped on out and the Spice pushed GM5 along in his stroller. We walk in and out of several cul-de-sacs in the neighborhood and during the trip we crossed paths with them a couple of times and the little one seemed to be having a great time – the Spice was enduring the strenuous ordeal very well.

When we got back, the little one and I had to go look for bugs – his request. We did manage to find a pill bug (aka – roly poly, wood louse or sow bug) and a few ants and this seemed to satisfy him. A little later he came up with a real classic. My laptop is on the corner of the dining table – mostly out of the way – and plugged in near there. The 3-yr-old was playing in that area and his Mom told him to get out before he tripped on the cord. OD told him, “If you break Pop-pop’s computer, he will break your hiney”! He thought about it just a minute and said, “If he tears up my hiney, I won’t be able to poo poo any more” – that logic made sense to me too.

The evening meal was a good one; we had steak and shrimp cooked on the grill by FSIL. Add twice baked potatoes and asparagus also cooked on the grill and it was a supper to remember. Strawberry shortcake from a neighbor was for dessert and that was yummy too. After the meal, the birthday lady got to open her presents from her hubby and the little ones. All the gifts were hits and we made photos of all the usual suspects.

Our time here seems to be flying by and is almost half over but we are just enjoying being together. The days and years of our lives advance whether we want to or not – or whether we enjoy them or not – I choose to enjoy all that I can and endure the rest until I can get back to the enjoying. God gives joy – of we want it – we can choose to make it a part of our lives or just wallow in the ‘woe is me’ attitude. This is not being over simplistic, just stating the facts of God’s available joy and enjoyment of life that we can have if we choose. ec


Blogger Merle said...

Hi Mr Eddie ~~ I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday and I am sure having her parents there would make it extra special. Watching the
garbage trucks is popular with most kids. We have 3 bins all told, one normal rubbish that goes out each week; a green bin for garden refuse, and a blue bin for recyclables - and these two go out fortnightly. Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed the "teeth" joke etc. Take care
and enjoy the remainder of your visit. Regards, Merle.

2/14/2008 02:59:00 AM  
Blogger itsboopchile said...

I practically live by that motto, we can enjoy life if we choose to. Sad, no everyone lives by this but happily you do!!
Betty G

2/14/2008 01:19:00 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I believe I’d like to try an oriental burger.

Happy b-day to OD.

The logic of little kids is impeccable.

Happy V-day, Mr. E.

2/14/2008 09:10:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

merle - I think OD is still a little in shock at the thought of her 'ancient' age. :) The little raced to the front window today to once again see the garbage truck.

itsboopchile - We have all had days that were not quite as joyous as others but it is still our choice to enjoy all we can and hang on through the others.

SSN - It is definitely a great food item with good from two worlds. I'm constantly amazed at the logic of kids, especially my grands. :) ec

2/14/2008 10:38:00 PM  

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