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Thursday, February 14, 2008

5 TX 0208

2-13-2008 dawned and passed in such a quick manner that I was caught by surprise and with my memory down. I do remember getting up, eating breakfast, reading scripture and doing family stuff – mostly looking for and gathering smiles for my memory collection. For lunch I remember a sun butter and raspberry jam sandwich. Sun butter is made from sunflower seeds and is for those of us whose system doesn’t tolerate peanut butter.

I remember going for a walk with OD in the neighborhood – our usual walking place. I have been struck with the fact that there are so many Texas car tags out here and hardly any back in South Carolina – odd. A good thing in this area is the fact that all the dogs are behind fences, on leashes or their human is nearby. This bodes well for healthy, unbitten ankles, a fact that makes me and my ankles very glad.

This neighborhood is about 15 years old and I have noticed that many of the houses have pecan trees in their yards that are much older than that. This leads me to believe that these trees are native to the area and possibly where certain varieties of pecans originated. We walk almost the same route each time and I am starting to associate different trees with certain houses – some of these are absolutely covered with Spanish moss.

Supper consisted of pork tenderloin with green beans and potatoes. We then watched American Idol, the emotional and tear jerking one that cut the whole crowd down to 24 finalists. I would have hated to have been a judge on this one, I’m too soft hearted. Even Simon seemed to be a little softer this year than before.

Then 2-14-2008 arrived – Valentine’s Day – the day that lovers express their affection for each other with cards, flowers, candy or other items. Besides that fact, it was a regular day in which we did regular things in regular ways at regular times. Shortly after lunch we went for our walk, I’m not sure how far we walk having not measured our route but we walk at a fast pace for about 35 minutes. The Spice took GM5 via stroller – back home we took him across the street from their house to be amazed by a stirred up fire ant bed – he was.

We started cooking our supper of spaghetti to have it ready to coincide it with GM2’s hurried schedule of getting home from school, doing homework, eating supper and still getting to basketball practice on time – we made it with a little time to spare. I went with OD so she would have someone to talk to. We dropped GM2 off and went over to the grocery for a couple of necessary items of which we had a depleted supply.

The Spice had given me a comical Valentine’s card earlier and I had not had a chance to get out anywhere to pick up something for her. I used this quick shopping opportunity to get her a little stuffed bear dressed in a white sweater with two reds hearts thereon. We went back to watch the last part of basketball practice and then to take GM2 back home. We had not had time to have dessert due to the time crunch before we left, so we had our apple dumplings when we got back – absolutely yummy!

I presented the little bear to the Spice and she was pleased – that is a condition in which I like to keep her. My hope is that many tokens of affection flowed your way today and that you had a happy Valentine’s Day. The real personification of love is God and whether we realize it or not, He loves us very much. I hope you know that already or that you find it out very soon because that is the most important real truth in our unreal world. ec


Blogger ancient one said...

Glad you and Spice had a Happy Valentine's day. Sounds like y'all are having a great time visiting with OD.!!

2/15/2008 10:12:00 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You're describing a wonderful visit to Texas, Mr. Eddie!

2/16/2008 06:30:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

ancient one - We are having a great time - and never a dull moment with the young ones.

SSN - Wonderful indeed, and storing many smiles in my memory collection. ec

2/17/2008 05:58:00 PM  

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