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Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 4

It was a July 4th like no other since this day had never been before and in which I had not previously lived. The Spice and I had unwisely stayed up late – or perhaps I should say early – and as a consequence arose late. I sprang out of bed – more like slowly sliding out from a position that I was familiar with – prone – into a position that I wasn’t sure I was ready for – standing.

I left the Spice sleeping until she was good and ready to get up. Being the low maintenance husband that I am, I set about taking my familiar and usual morning nourishments – those of physical and spiritual natures. Then I went on the web and checked the weather and found that it was going to be hot – no surprise – with a chance of pm rain – shock.

Not that I really believed about the rain – they have told tales like that before – but it did at least give some hope. In the early pm I left the cool house and went into the hot berry patch to pick some more blueberries to store up for the winter – or for any other time that a blueberry notion happened to strike me. Most of the main crop has been harvested so I was doing ‘hard time’ picking.

It had been binging on my brain that we ought to have something special for supper just because it was the 4th and that sustenance ought to at least vaguely resemble barbeque. I’m not much into pork so when the Spice said that chicken breasts were on sale at BI-LO I knew it was a go. She picked up the chicken parts while I was putting the finishing touches on exhaustion in the berry patch.

The chicken was then boiled, de-boned and broken into small pieces. It was then that we doused all these parts in a sauce that YD had left with us when their crowd went on vacation last Saturday – for two weeks. Now you see why the gruntmonkeys have not been mentioned in the last few writings. Then the pan of pieces that had been completely coated with the sauce – Sweet Baby Ray’s – was put into the oven for the simmering thereof and to slowly become part of the meat.

Also parts of the meal were field peas w/snaps, corn on the cob, sliced homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers and bread slathered in real butter. We had hardly taken thought for the noon meal since we were so late in arising, so we were very hungry and ready to consume this meal. Let me state for the record that all was delicious, especially the chicken pieces with the sauce simmered into them.

I will also state for the record that this particular sauce will be used again in this household – applied to whatever meat that we may prepare – I’m deeply in like with it – love sounded a bit much. It was just the Spice and I and it was very nice. We had rented a DVD and watched this after the meal – it was a very good holiday, meal and movie – and the companionship was excellent. God is good! ec


Blogger jay are said... I'm hungry! happy 4th!

7/05/2008 12:27:00 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

Yummmm! The chicken sounds delicious, as do all the veggies that you had with it.

Sounds like a wonderful day for you and Spice. Hope the week ahead is a good un for you too!

7/06/2008 06:48:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

jay are - We had a very quiet but great fourth with just the Spice and I.

brenda - That barbecue sauce was the thing that made the taste difference with the chicken - great! ec

7/06/2008 11:40:00 PM  

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