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Thursday, November 02, 2006


On a recent morning I was curious as to the appearance of the day and made my way to the window and un-blinded the blinds. The revealed view showed me several things. First I noticed that the sun was holding the horizon in full sway and it was promising to be a clear day. Second, there was a gaggle of geese ‘grazing’ on the backside of the pond dam behind my house – 21 of them.

The third thing was that there was a large heron standing on one of the two recently emerged islands on the near side of the pond. These birds normally wade in the shallows, spearing and eating small fish as they go. Don’t know why it was just standing there, I didn’t ask it, not able to speak heron, I think maybe it was allowing its breakfast to digest.

The day turned into one filled with appointments, errands and with a little shopping thrown in for good measure. It started for me with a pre-op appointment in Augusta for about an hour and a half. Then I came back by the house to pick up the Spice and head in the other direction to do some errands in Aiken, SC.

We went by our cable company and provided the ID to get a small discount on the bill for being old – every little bit helps. Then we stopped by our cell phone company to update my phone. The two errands completed, we stopped by Home Depot to check on some shelving. With enough time left to grab some fast food at Arby’s before our appointment, we did so.

We kept the appointment, a short one, and then back to the house we went. There was some down time for a while and I tried to catch my breath before the next event. This was the night for our men’s fellowship, so I left the Spice to fend for herself – she had some work – she does medical transcription at home and she needed some quiet time to catch up.

Arriving a little early at the church, I just sat around and chatted with the other guys until time to eat. The centerpiece of our meal for the night was chili, which, by the way, was very good. When we finished up, we all gathered into one of the rooms for a devotional. For this evening it was an inspirational video, which was very good and very inspirational.

After we helped clean up a bit, a good friend and I went up to the Huddle House to chat for a while. We drank hot tea and amused each other with our many tales and even a few odd word definitions. We were indeed amused and laughed quite a bit, this being a good medicine, according to Scripture. We were dosed pretty good with laughter before the discussions were through.

This is the type friend with which either of us can discuss most anything with the other. We can and have discussed many serious subjects, but we do tend toward the silly a lot of the time. I’m grateful for a Godly friend like this. ec


Blogger Bonita said...

One really can feel blessed, when laughter and intimacy are shared among friends. It is an elixir, with an afterglow. Count yourself fortunate.

11/03/2006 12:15:00 PM  
Blogger Tim Rice said...

Ah, it is good to have friends with whom one can be silly; it lightens and brightens the heart.

11/03/2006 04:56:00 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Mr Eddie ~ You had a busy day with
all the appointments etc. Good luck
with your surgery when you have it.
Your church evening festival sounded
nice. Good to have close friends and be either serious or a bit silly with them. It lightens the load at times.
Thanks for the comments. Take care,

11/04/2006 08:05:00 AM  
Blogger mreddie said...

bonita - Having a friend or being a friend are both good things and make for a richer life.

tim rice - So true - even silly can make good statements.

merle - May we all find at least one friend like that. ec

11/04/2006 09:36:00 AM  

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