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Thursday, November 20, 2008


The day was Monday and it was to be a busy one. It started in the usual customary ways but was different in that this was the day that my bro was to come over and go with me to get lumber and such for the construction of our storage building – that reminds me, I need to come up with a name for this structure. My bro came and we took his pickup truck, it is big, mine is little.

We purchased, loaded up and brought home the lumber to make the forms for the pouring of the cement slab on which the structure will rest. We also got bags of cement and the studs for building the walls. Once home we started putting together and leveling the forms for the cement. We finished mid-afternoon and drove over to Augusta to order the pre-fab trusses for the roof of the edifice.

Since the building is 10 feet by 16 feet, it only requires 9 trusses and these were paid for and will be picked up by bro on Monday next. It is so good to finally get serious about this necessary storage place. Tuesday came and it was the day to get stone from MIL’s to be fill in the soon to be floor – this required 4 trips with my small lawn-tractor trailer. I was mostly used up when the hauling was done.

Then it was time to clean up and go pick up OD and GM5 at the airport, they are to stay until after Thanksgiving. We retrieved them and happily brought them home. They were to install their luggage at our place, then pack an overnight bag and go spend one night with YD – she wanted to stay there the first night and then settle back in at Blueberry Hill.

We took her and the young one there and stayed a short time as well. We then left in spite of the fact that all the lads wanted me to stay and “play with them”. Then Wednesday happened and I spent almost the whole day in the placing and spacing of the stones I had hauled to the form, making sure they were low enough for the poured cement not to have rocks protruding above the surface.

The three young lads came by for their parents to go on errands and when they got up from their nap it was necessary that I play with them. Fortunately I was through with my tiring task and I played for a while. When they left I trucked back over to Lowe’s for a few more necessary items for the building.

Thursday was the big day of pouring the cement. We started shortly after 9am and went till after noon. We did stop for lunch, happy to break from our backbreaking job. I thought that I had stocked up enough sand for the job but I still had to go back for two loads more. We finally finished about mid-afternoon and were both ‘worn to a nub’. Bro went home and I started cleanup.

A few places had to be touched up in the concrete and when it was mostly ‘set’, I finished ‘sweeping’ the surface. It was sundown by the time I finished cleanup and put away all the tools and such. It was good to have the hardest part of the construction behind us but I had muscles hurting in places that I didn’t remember that I had places – I limped inside for supper and hopefully, recovery.

Incidentally, I decided to name the storage building “outback”, since it is behind the house. God is still good, even when most every muscle I have is aching. ec


Blogger ancient one said...

Well, that is a fitting name "Outback Storage". I know you are glad to have that much done. Rest up. You still have a ways to go. I'm glad you got a chance to play with the boys.

11/21/2008 08:18:00 PM  
Blogger mreddie said...

ancient one - Haven't had much time to rest with our kin in residence - they have departed and I will hopefully get caught up - on a lot of things. ec

11/30/2008 11:55:00 PM  

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