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Friday, October 24, 2008


From high atop the vantage point of Thursday evening I look over the edge of the precipice of the ago times and got a glimpse of Tuesday. I remember that I started the day in much the same ways as others in the past. Then I started to peel and cut up the remainder of the pears left in the bucket. This was a good thing since an unpleasant aroma was starting to arise from that container.

During this operation I did find two or three that were totally mush and had to be tossed. Others had spots to cut out but when all was done I had again filled the 6-quart pot and started them cooking. The next event of the day was a visit to my dermatologist for a regular checkup.

She checked the usual suspect areas and then with ray gun in hand; she froze 5 or 6 spots that would require surgery in the future if left untreated. I felt fortunate that only one of them was on my scalp since several spots there will give one such a freeze headache – been there, done that. I came home and I know I stayed busy but I’m not actually sure with what.

Wednesday arrived and I was up and starting my day when the doc’s office called and said they had a cancellation and could I come in earlier. I was only too glad to change the afternoon appointment to the late morning since we had another PM appointment and other errands. This first appointment was to keep check on an ongoing condition and all turned out well – I was glad.

After leaving the office I got stopped by a train for about 10 minutes but things like that don’t seem to effect me much anymore – I’m glad of that too. I stopped on the way home to check our mail and after retrieving it, discovered that my truck wouldn’t start. I had noticed a little bit of weakness in the sound of the starter for a while and put it off till the future – Wednesday was the future.

The Spice brought the van to jump-start the engine and I drove it across the parking lot to the auto parts place. They checked the battery and my suspicions were confirmed – it was bad. I bought one from them and I do like the part of their service when they also install it at no extra charge.

Back home we got a snack to eat and then headed out for our appointment. We would have made it in plenty of time but were delayed twice by the seemingly eternal highway construction around the Augusta area. We did make our appointment exactly on time – I normally like to be early. After this we went over to Sam’s Wholesaler to get stuff for us, MIL and YD – we had to get two carts.

We loaded all that up in the van and went to get something to eat. We enjoyed the one-on-one time and the meal also – she and I need to date more – after all, she is my favorite wife. God is good!! ec


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So nice that you're still in love all these years later. She must be quite a wonderful woman!

10/28/2008 12:10:00 AM  
Blogger mreddie said...

jayleigh - Not only is love a choice, it is an action and requires much effort - well worth it though. I quite agree with your deduction that she is a wonderful woman. ec

10/31/2008 12:50:00 AM  

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