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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Still on Thanksgiving, I made my way home from my bro’s place to help prepare for our gathering on Blueberry Hill. This was to take place at or about 5pm with our immediate family and the Spice’s extended family. I arrived in plenty of time to help with some cooking, house prep and the construction project of another banana pudding for this happy gathering.

A cousin and spouse from Florida, along with their two young ladies had arrived just before I did. I started a video for the girls in the basement – a favorite hangout for the young ones and invited the couple into the kitchen to watch my construction project. We chatted much as I, aided and abetted by the kitchen equipment and utensils, worked the wonders of my pudding recipe.

I neglected to mention that 17 folks were in attendance at the bro’s noontime Thanksgiving feast. We were expecting more, so the prep for that was started. Our dining table comfortably seats 8 and 4 can eat at the bar – we also set up two tables in the den that would seat 8 each. All the kin came in a few at a time and the final count was 29 – 11 of these were of the younger variety.

When all the dishes were set out, we called the young ones up from the basement for the meal. The little ones said grace and we began the consumption – for some reason I wasn’t nearly as hungry as I was at noon but I got a plate anyway. The meal was a lively, joyous, somewhat noisy and very filling event. The young ones soon finished and headed back downstairs to play – it did get quieter.

After the main eating was done and we were down to some coffee and an extra dessert or so, we began the event that we started several years ago. Instead drawing names to buy for extended family, we pool our funds to buy for a disadvantaged family or young ones. Then the ladies gather all the sales papers to shop for these folks and make lists for said shopping the next day.

The folks we buy for come to us through one of our churches and the gifts are given anonymously and this has been much of a blessing to us in the giving thereof. The ladies set out next morn to get all listed gifts – they have a blast doing so. OD did not get to go since they were to fly back home that day. The Spice and I sadly delivered the Texas clan to the airport for their return flight.

After the goodbyes, I took the Spice to meet YD to help her finish her shopping quest. They were to meet back up with the other group for lunch and then go to other places in town. I came back to Blueberry Hill to complete a cement related project on ‘outback’ storage. This task was to fill the cavities in the concrete blocks with cement. I started at noon and finally finished about 7pm.

The job was completed under lights and in the drizzling rain. Then it had to be covered with plastic to keep the rain from damaging it until it was hardened. I was very tired but happy to be through with the job before the rain hit. I continue to walk in the goodness of the Lord, grateful for His blessings. ec


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