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Monday, June 25, 2007


This writing is not about this morning or even yesterday morning but a nonspecific morning last week. It was affected by the same song and dance as other mornings of the past, inasmuch as we had gotten to bed late and that has the effect of making it difficult to get up early – so I got up late. I started by puttering around the house because of a shower of rain outside and then about 2pm it had dried enough for me to go out and do a bit of yard and/or garden work.

It became time and even past time to do some plant/weed/tree/bramble removal work on the over grown property line just beyond the garden. It was a bit warm but not unbearably so due to the cloud cover and the fact that I was working partially under some shade. My efforts were designed to uproot these plants so they wouldn’t re-grow – especially since most of the seedling trees are oaks and these are very hard to get up when they get larger.

After getting a fair amount of the unwanted growths removed, I was able to see a little better into the thicket. Espying the fairly straight trunk of a small wild plum tree, I worked my way into the undergrowth and cut this tree with the thought in mind of making a new walking staff. It had to be dried and straightened a bit, so I trimmed the small limbs off and wedged and tied it into the frame of the tiller to hold it straight until it dried out a bit. Not sure how strong of a staff of this type wood will be but it was available and these growths were to be removed anyway.

During the work operations, I caught a glimpse of red under one of the tomato bushes and on further inspection found a ripe tomato, the first of the year – a good feeling. With my heavy-duty hoe in hand, I started working on the thicket, chopping out vines and brambles – roots and all. It was slow going and tiresome but progress was made and I had filled up 2 garden carts by the time I had decided that my energy was totally spent, so I gathered up the tools and came in the house.

Even under the clouds and shade, it had become hot and when I came in I was soaked to the skin and had to change into dry clothes. And then it was time to collapse on the recliner for a while. The Spice had been out and on her way home she picked up some takeout for our somewhat early supper. After this I went back to the recliner for a while and waited for the sun to go down to take my walk. This is a necessity because of the heat, plus I’m supposed to limit my exposure to the sun.

After the walk, I called a good friend to meet for breakfast next morning. It would not be exactly truthful to say that I bounced out of bed on the morrow, but I did manage to get up and meet my friend at the appointed time. We did entertain each other through b’fast and beyond – with what some might call silliness but I have noticed that it takes a certain amount of intelligence to be effectively silly, don’t know how much. And there is a difference between silly and effective silliness.

We took a small portion of this time and solved the world’s problems – at least to our satisfaction and then we departed for our other designated places to be. A good friend is a blessing, especially when that one is also a brother in Christ. ec


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