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Friday, March 28, 2008

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It has been a super busy week but let me look back and tell you about our church’s Easter weekend. Friday evening there was a fun celebration for the children with inflatable bouncy and sliding things – and many other fun things that even included a trackless train. At the close of this the real Easter story was related to the young ones and 64 of them accepted Christ as Savior. This was out of over 468 kids attending the event that were under 12 and registered.

Then on Saturday at the homeless ministry – “Under the Bridge” – 44 of those attending also accepted Christ. On Sunday we had a powerful presentation with the theme of how Christ is relevant in our lives today. At the early service 12 accepted Christ, and for the late service I heard 38 but I think the number is higher than that. This was quite a start to a great but busy week.

I knew that Monday morning had arrived because of the light that was teasing the window shade. Since that window faces the east, I had suspicions that it was the light of the sun. My body has long ago rejected coffee as a wake-up aid and more recently hot tea was also rejected, all I have now to help me get going is the joy that another day has arrived – plus an element of grim determination.

On the morning in question, the waking up process had to be hurried because I was to sit with GM4 and GM6 because their Mom had a doc appointment. They arrived and after many interruptions I finally finished my morning cereal and scripture reading. I hauled them to the basement to play and get them out of the Spice’s hair, since she is the only one in this marriage with hair anymore.

I occupied them with the air hockey game and sat to scan TV a bit, this also was interrupted by helping them don capes for their roles as batman and superman. YD returned and hung around until time to pick up GM3 from K5, since it is just down the road from here. They left about noon.

Then it was outside for me to continue the work on the cement block wall I was constructing to reinforce one of the terrace banks in my veggie garden. While my garden is not that huge, it is on a slope and help is needed to keep the dirt from migrating down the hill. The wall is loose laid – no mortar involved – and is to be two layers high.

I did get the base layer finished and a few blocks on the second course and I discovered in the process that I was not as young as I used to be – working with these cement blocks will inform a person of many things. I came inside and crashed in the floor for a while and finally, after some back stretches, I gathered enough energy to go on my very necessary evening walk. ec


Blogger itsboopchile said...

Oh, what a blessed Easter.
Betty G

3/28/2008 10:16:00 AM  
Blogger mreddie said...

itsboopchile - Reaching souls for Christ is what it is all about. ec

3/28/2008 10:50:00 PM  

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